Chapter 1674: “Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (2)”

    Chapter 1674: "Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (2)"

    "That's right, I have not thought that I would meet Little Sister Xin Yan here today and that just shows the great affinity between us." Zhuge Yin said, thinking he was putting forth a handsome looking smile, completely not noticing the distant tone in Gu Xin Yan's voice.

    Gu Ying leaned back in his chair, his long slim finger holding the rim of his wine cup, his mirth filled eyes falling noticeably upon the figure of Zhuge Yin, faintly tinged with a glint of murder.

    Gu Xin Yan smiled perfunctorily and just as Zhuge Yin was thinking to say something, her gaze was suddenly drawn to another figure which made her eyes shake slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie, Yue Yi and Zi Jin came walking into the main hall together, led by a disciple of the Pure Grace Palace to find their seats. The Shadow Moon Palace's might was not considered to be all that powerful among the Twelve Palaces and though the position Jun Wu Xie and the other two were seated at was in the first row, it was just right by the door, where they only needed to walk a few steps before they reached their seats. Added to that, among the three of them, only Yue Yi possessed a highly attractive countenance as Jun Wu Xie and Zi Jin had altered their appearance to hide themselves, they had naturally not attracted much attention from others.

    But, though it had been a fleeting and unremarkable appearance, it had nevertheless captured someone's gaze completely.

    Gu Xin Yan had from the moment that Jun Wu walked into the main hall, found her gaze fixed involuntarily upon Jun Wu, seeking to find the faintest trace of familiarity upon that figure, which had her captivated immediately.

    Seeking to close the distance between him and Gu Xin Yan, Zhuge Yin quickly discovered that Gu Xin Yan was looking highly distracted by something else. His gaze subconsciously followed Gu Xin Yan's line of sight and discovered that Gu Xin Yan was staring fixedly at a youth from the Shadow Moon Palace.

    [What was there to look at with such an unremarkable looking youth? Why was it able to make Gu Xin Yan show such a strange expression on her face?]

    A sliver of displeasure rose within Zhuge Yin's heart but he did not want to show it right in front of Gu Xin Yan.

    "Little Sister Xin Yan, my humble self should go take my seat already. We'll chat more when the opportunity arises in the days ahead." Zhuge Yin said.

    Gu Xin Yan snapped back to her senses in a fluster, but her thoughts were still filled with those of Jun Wu. She then nodded her head halfheartedly, her gaze still straying discreetly towards Jun Wu.

    The situation caused Zhuge Yin to feel even more displeased, but he could not allow himself to act up. He then quickly turned himself around to go with Fei Yan to take their seats, but the malevolence within his eyes did not fade away.

    Fei Yan had been following at Zhuge Yin's side and he had naturally detected Zhuge Yin's strange reaction and Gu Xin Yan's queer response. He threw an unnoticeable glance towards the end of the hall and he nearly burst out with a laugh.

    [That's just great!]

    [The person that Gu Xin Yan had been staring at must have been Jun Wu Xie!]

    Fei Yan was almost a young man who already had a "prospective wife" and he would naturally not be mistaken about the kind of feelings behind Gu Xin Yan's soft gaze.

    That had somehow make Fei Yan to involuntarily think of that Iron Blood Empress, Qu Ling Yue.

    [Hadn't Qu Ling Yue's gaze been just like that in the beginning when she looked upon Jun Wu Xie?]

    Fei Yan sat upon his chair, the ends of his lips curled with mirth.

    [This is rather interesting. Could it be the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace has fallen for Little Xie?]

    Thinking back to how Zhuge Yin had fawned so eagerly upon Gu Xin Yan earlier and then seeing Gu Xin Yan's reaction immediately upon Jun Wu Xie's appearance, Fei Yan did not have to even think to know that with Zhuge Yin's personality, Zhuge Yin was already secretly harbouring hatred for Jun Wu Xie.

    The show had not even started and Jun Wu Xie had already stirred up so much strife. Fei Yan thought to himself that this birthday banquet was just going to be explosive.

    Although that was what he told himself, the moment Rong Ruo appeared within the main hall, Fei Yan's eyes had similarly shot right towards his own "prospective wife", unable to peel his eyes off Rong Ruo as well.
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