Chapter 1675: “Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (3)”

    Chapter 1675: "Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (3)"

    "He's really that good looking?" Gu Ying's voice suddenly rang out within Gu Xin Yan's ears and Gu Xin Yan was immediately bathed in cold sweat, quickly retracting her gaze.

    Gu Xin Yan turned her head to look at Gu Ying, and discovered that the wine cup Gu Ying was holding was dripping wine out from its bottom. The wall of the wine cup was completely undamaged but its bottom must have crumbled from his crushing grip.

    "The one who came over and spoke is the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord?" Gu Ying asked as he looked at Gu Xin Yan smilingly.

    Gu Xin Yan could see from his eyes the thick and intense murder. "The might of the Dragon Slayers Palace has not been slow in their growth in the recent years and if there is no need, it is best that we do not start any feuds with them. Our target now is the Flame Demons Palace."

    Gu Xin Yan reminded in a low whisper.

    Gu Ying suddenly laughed out loud. "What are you afraid of exactly? You're afraid that I will kill the kid from the Dragon Slayers Palace or are you afraid that I will slaughter that one from the Shadow Moon Palace?"

    Gu Xin Yan was startled. She had been discovered by Gu Ying as expected.

    Gu Ying's gaze then looked in the direction of Jun Wu Xie sitting not too far away, his eyes narrowing up slightly.

    "His eyes, are so beautiful."

    Just those simple words, had driven chills into Gu Xin Yan's entire body. Those were words she had heard before.

    "Do not touch him!" Gu Xin Yan lost her composure in a moment of panic.

    Gu Ying lifted an eyebrow. "Oh? So protective of him?"

    Gu Xin Yan was astounded herself. In fact, she was not certain that that person was the same one in her heart. But the mannerisms, the gaze and that voice had been too similar which caused her sentiments to be transposed over. Regardless, she wouldn't wish for the youth from the Shadow Moon Palace who was so similar to Jun Wu to fall under the venomous clutches of Gu Ying.

    "I just do not want you to stir up any untoward incidents here in the Pure Grace Palace. Otherwise when we return, both of us would not be able to answer for it to Father. Please bear in mind that we are only here to celebrate the Palace Lord's birthday." Gu Xin Yan forced herself to calm down. She knew very well what Gu Ying was capable of and if she said too much about it, she would only anger him, bringing about an opposite effect.

    Gu Ying merely smiled as he looked at Gu Xin Yan, but that smile just made Gu Xin Yan feel even more uneasy.

    "I do not see you being that protective over that kid Zhuge Yin, but you're so defensive over a mere youth from the Shadow Moon Palace instead. If I remember it correctly, you did not have much of an interaction with anyone from the Shadow Moon Palace before, so seeing you being so protective, makes me wonder why?"

    "Nothing." Gu Xin Yan regretted that she had not retracted her gaze in time earlier.

    Gu Ying did not probe her any further but just turned his gaze to look at Jun Wu Xie who was seated not too far away, a thought provoking smile playing at the corners of his lips.


    Jun Wu Xie had not noticed how much strife her appearance here had stirred up, and was completely unaware that the attention Gu Xin Yan was paying to her had caused Zhuge Yin and Gu Ying to bear in mind of such a person. She just sat quietly in her seat, her gaze sweeping fleetingly over the crowd seated within the main hall, and among all those unfamiliar faces, to see several highly familiar faces. But the great rapport they all shared among themselves made the companions tacitly avoid each other eyes, looking like they completely did not know each other at all.

    But they, were all chess pieces Jun Wu Xie had buried deep within the Twelve Palaces, and the end that the Twelve Palaces would finally meet, would be brought about by these very same people.

    The guests had all arrived and the banquet began. An Elder of the Pure Grace Palace thanked everyone on the Pure Grace Palace's behalf and said a few grand and courteous words, but not many of them paid him much attention. Most of the youths were the elite from their respective palaces and were highly haughty, regarding themselves extraordinary. They all sat in groups to drink and revel, as they watched the dancers twirl and swirl within the main hall, chatting happily among themselves.
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