Chapter 1676: “Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (4)”

    Chapter 1676: "Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (4)"

    Zi Jin sat at Jun Wu's side and because of Jun Wu's instructions, she did not dare to speak or even look around carelessly. But after sitting there for a time and with singing voices reverberating around her ears, the sounds of revelry all around her made her relax slightly. She then discreetly tugged at Jun Wu's sleeve and asked: "You know Gu Xin Yan?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were questioning as she looked at Zi Jin.

    Zi Jin then said softly: "When we came in earlier, I noticed that she kept staring at you. I remember that you spent more than half a year training in the Cloudy Brook Academy before haven't you? The Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace had been there as well then. Could she possibly have recognised you?"

    A young girl's sixth sense was always unusually sharp and even though Zi Jin did not dare to look around carelessly, her senses had been sharp enough to detect the attention Gu Xin Yan was paying to Jun Wu, which made her unable to help herself but feel a little nervous.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes away indifferently and looked in the direction towards Gu Xin Yan. Gu Xin Yan had her head lowered at that moment and it was not known what she was thinking.

    "I don't know." Jun Wu Xie replied calmly.

    Had Gu Xin Yan recognized her? She could not be sure. Based on the fact that she had already altered her looks, people who were not on highly familiar terms with her would not be able to discover anything amiss. She had indeed spent a period of time where she had interacted with Gu Xin Yan but it had not been for very long, and moreover she did not think that Gu Xin Yan would have too deep an impression of her at all.

    Jun Wu Xie's calm had come from her logical analysis but she was however unaware that when a young lady had her heart set upon someone, no matter how that person altered his looks, that feeling of familiarity would still not be that easily broken.

    "You..... you must really be more careful. Don't let yourself be discovered." Zi Jin said worriedly as she looked at Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie merely muttered an indifferent "mm" in acknowledgment.

    Not knowing that Gu Xin Yan who had her head lowered was actually secretly paying attention to the ongoings around Jun Wu. When she saw Zi Jin leaning close to Jun Wu's ear to whisper, her heart suddenly winced in pain, her eyes growing despondent.

    At the banquet, Zhuge Yin's gaze had not left from the figure of Gu Xin Yan, finding Gu Xin Yan to be absolutely beautiful the more he looked at her, his heart feeling that his father's decision had been wise. But.....

    His eyes suddenly met those of Gu Ying's smiling ones, and his entire body involuntarily filled with a chill.

    "Who is that sitting beside Xin Yan?" Zhuge Yin asked with a slight furrow of his brows, asking Fei Yan beside him who was secretly admiring Rong Ruo's "beauty".

    His enjoyment interrupted by Zhuge Yin, Fei Yan turned his head to look and his eyes flashed coldly but his face still showed a gentle smile.

    "That is Gu Ying, a Young Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace's, Gu Xin Yan's elder brother."

    "Oh, so I see." Zhuge Yin nodded his head in understanding. He had heard of such a person, but Gu Ying seldom moved about outside and not many people were able to recognize him in person. "That pair of siblings don't really look alike but they are both highly good looking."

    Fei Yan smiled and did not say anything, thinking to himself in his heart: [I wouldn't know what Gu Xin Yan is like, but I know clearly just how vicious and cruel Gu Ying really was.]

    On the other side, Jun Wu Xie was planning out how to make the next few days of the birthday banquet move according to her plans when one of her fingers on the hand she rested upon her knee suddenly felt something cold.

    Jun Wu Xie bent her neck and looked down, to discover an Ink Snake about the width of a chopstick coiling itself around her little finger. The tiny snake noticed Jun Wu Xie gazing at it and it spat out the note before it slid to the floor down her calf, slithering out through the door of the main hall in an instant.
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