Chapter 1677: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (1)?”

    Chapter 1677: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (1)?"

    That tiny little shadowy snake did not attract anyone's notice within the noisy and crowded main hall and Jun Wu Xie saw its shadow disappearing outside the threshold of the main hall's door.

    Ink Snake.

    She had seen it many times before and Ink Snakes like that were kept around Ye Sha and Ye Gu as well. For the banquet, Ye Sha and Ye Gu did not take part in it. Now that they had released an Ink Snake, could anything have happened?

    Suspicion swirled within Jun Wu Xie's heart and she silently stood up while she gave Zi Jin and Yue Yi a gaze saying "no need to get excited".

    Jun Wu Xie walked out through the main hall's doors and under the night, she saw that tiny little Ink Snake. The Ink Snake seemed to be consciously waiting for Jun Wu Xie to follow it. But after having taken merely just a few steps, it then stopped in its tracks till it saw the figure of Jun Wu Xie, where it would then continue to slither further towards the darkness.

    Jun Wu Xie followed behind it calm and composed. Most the disciples who guarded the Pure Grace Palace had been mostly summoned into the Pure Grace Palace's main hall and on the outside, the place had a very sparse number of people. Jun Wu Xie had merely avoided them slightly and she was about to avoid the disciples patrolling the place.

    She followed the Ink Snake the entire way as they went walking towards the little hill outside the Pure Grace Palace.

    The further it was away from the raucous Pure Grace Palace, the more tranquil the surroundings became. There was a tinge of a chill in the air on the hill under the night, gradually going further away from the fiery lights in the Pure Grace Palace, the woods on the hill bathed in the soft glow of moonlight.

    The tiny little Ink Snake slithered deftly through the woods, darting further out a few steps and then stopping for a moment to turn back to see Jun Wu Xie's position. After ascertaining that Jun Wu Xie was still following it, it then continued its way forward.

    Just what species these Ink Snakes really were, Jun Wu Xie still had not been able to clearly identify. When she had been working in the pet hospital in her past life, she had also cared for for some cold blooded animals, with her having come into contact with quite a number of species of snakes, but she had seldom come across a snake that possessed such clear consciousness.

    Jun Wu Xie had always been highly curious what kind of method Jun Wu Yao and his men employed to make these tiny little Ink Snakes move according to their whims.

    And, besides having seen the Ink Snakes in the hands of Jun Wu Yao and the three men from the Dark Regime, Jun Wu Xie had never seen these strange and amazing creatures anywhere else.

    Weaving through the dense woods, the position Jun Wu Xie stood was already a stretch higher than the Pure Grace Palace. She turned her head around slowly, to look down at the brightly lit Pure Grace Palace from her higher vantage point. She could no longer hear the melodious music from inside the Pure Grace Palace, her ears only filled with the sounds of the wind sweeping through the woods.

    At that moment, Jun Wu Xie could not help but feel that it was a little strange.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu were left within the Pure Grace Palace to secretly investigate into the situation within the Pure Grace Palace so why would they suddenly come running out to this woods on the hill outside? Moreover, she was already quite a distance away from the Pure Grace Palace and if the two of them had anything they wanted to tell her about, they should have already appeared by now.

    But the Ink Snake did not seem to have any intention of stopping. It continued to slither its way towards the hill's peak, occasionally turning its head back, like it was urging Jun Wu Xie to hurry up to keep up with it.

    If not for the fact that Jun Wu Xie knew that the Ink Snake could not be controlled by any others, she would have thought that something was amiss and immediately left.

    Her heart filled with bewilderment, Jun Wu Xie's eyes hid a faint wariness. She kept up with the Ink Snake's speed, treading upon the moon's light, traversing the woods. It was quiet all around, with only a swishing heard as the night's wind blew through the woods.
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