Chapter 1678: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (2)?”

    Chapter 1678: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (2)?"

    Moonlight streamed down through the cracks between the leaves and spilled upon the land, littering a scatter of stars on the ground. The soft cover of dried leaves had piled up thickly, slightly sticky under the nourishment of fallen snow.

    Jun Wu Xie slowly walked to reach the hill's peak, and everything that appeared before her eyes stunned Jun Wu Xie in an instant.

    On the peak where dense woods were supposed to stand, it was not known when it had been replaced by a sea of flowers. What should have been the woods no longer existed, and before Jun Wu Xie's eyes, the ground was a carpet of white lotus flowers, every bloom just budding, their petals beautifully reflecting the gentle glow of the moon, almost glowing faintly. The sea of white, lit up the peak enclosed within the dense woods, like a cluster of light that had been lit within the surrounding darkness.

    The Ink Snake who had led Jun Wu Xie here then deftly slipped itself into the sea of flowers, to disappear without a trace.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were filled with bewilderment as she stared at the inconceivable sea of flowers before her eyes.

    Lotus flowers grew in bodies of water and in the hill's peak that had no lake, it was impossible for this sea of lotus flowers to exist.

    Jun Wu Xie subconsciously walked into the highly bizarre sea of flowers but at the moment her foot stepped in among them, the budding white lotuses clustered around her foot immediately blossomed in bloom!

    The snow white petals unfolded in bloom, revealing a faint tinge of pink around their stigmas, which gradually spread out to every single petal, the colour deepening slowly, from pink to red.

    Every lotus bloom was tinged with a faint glow, like a star was wrapped in the centre of every flower.

    This impossibly strange sight reflected within Jun Wu Xie's eyes, the eyes that had been cold for so long giving rise to a faint glint of surprise.

    The sea of flowers before his eyes were so clear to the eyes, but when Jun Wu Xie stepped within them, she did not feel their touch in the slightest, the lotus blooms clustered around her feet seemed an illusionary existence. Jun Wu Xie lifted her foot and walked a few steps forward, and at the spots that she had treaded upon, the surrounding lotus flowers would bloom, to turn a bright colour.

    Like the twinkle among the stars had been marked, following Jun Wu Xie's footsteps, the lotus blooms swaying in the wind, the pink petals pursuing Jun Wu Xie's steps.

    Under the night sky and bathed in moonlight, among the pure white sea of flowers, a streak of flame coloured lotus lay behind Jun Wu Xie, faintly twinkling resplendently with its light.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the scatter of flower petals caught in the wind floating past her, stretching her hand out thinking to touch them, but the petals passed right through her hand.....

    They were not real.....

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were tinged with surprise and before she could think deeper into the reasons all of this was happening, under the silvery moonlight, a tall and slender figure came walking slowly in from the other end of the sea of flowers.

    In the instant that Jun Wu Xie's gaze came into contact with that figure, all traces of emotions in her eyes disappeared, leaving not a single trace behind. She merely froze there in shock, as she looked at the all too familiar figure approaching from afar, slowly walking towards her. She stared at the countless number of flower petals swirling around him, the flower petals tinged with a faint glow, like countless stars were falling around that person.

    Encompassed under the night sky, everything before her eyes looked so completely unreal.

    Every step taken, treading upon her heart.

    Thump, thump.

    She seemed to be able to hear her own hearbeat.
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