Chapter 1679: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (3)?”

    Chapter 1679: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (3)?"

    "Aren't you going to give me a hug?" Standing within the sea of flowers, Jun Wu Yao held his arms open, the corners of his mouth lifted in an indulgent smile, his handsome face within such a dreamy scene seemingly as unreal as a dream.

    Jun Wu Xie stood frozen in her spot for a moment, still having not recovered her senses as she stared at that familiar contenance. She then slowly lifted one foot, her step snail paced, treading lightly within the sea of flowers to stir up a whirl of falling lotus petals.

    Step by step, her pace gradually increased, every lift of her foot kicking up another swirl of flying petals, all faintly aglow as they trailed her hurrying steps, to stir up a flowery rain.

    Ripples of red surged forward together with Jun Wu Xie, within the snow white field, as the lotuses bloomed a beautiful pink.

    The tiny figure accompanied by lotus petals leapt into that warm and wide embrace, and in the instant the Jun Wu Yao came into contact with that tiny figure, he wrapped his arms the little one, to envelop her in a tight hug.

    Under the canopy of night with the soft glow of the moon spilling over the sea of flowers, the flower petals rose with the wind to fall in a mesmerizing gentle shower, the petals swirling around the two people locked in embrace.

    All that, beautiful as a painting.

    Jun Wu Xie subconsciously reached her hand out, to touch that warm chest, that warmth spreading through her fingertips, that drove away the night's chill.

    He was not an illusion. He had really come here.

    "Why..... are you here?" Jun Wu Xie asked, as she slowly raised her head, to look at that incredibly handsome face with its faint smile.

    Since they last parted in the Lower Realm, they had not met for a year already.

    Jun Wu Yao lowered his head to look smilingly at Jun Wu Xie in his arms, that smile reflecting within Jun Wu Xie's eyes. In her eyes, she saw only him, blending in with the beautiful night sky.

    "I missed you." Jun Wu Yao's voice was thickly filled with joy.

    Missed her.

    And only that.

    Jun Wu Xie's face blushed slightly, the corners of her mouth involuntarily lifting up slightly.

    That answer, might be the most perfect answer.

    Just because he missed her, he crossed between realms to come find her, seeking only to see her.

    Jun Wu Yao embraced Jun Wu Xie, like he held everything in the world in his arms. Holding the little one in his arms, gave him the biggest satisfaction he ever felt his entire life, like for everything that the world was, could not even compare to the fragrance of herbs in her hair, incomparable to the faint smile at the corners of her lips.

    Slowly lowering his head, Jun Wu Yao planted a light kiss upon the tip of Jun Wu Xie's lips, gingerly, like she was the most precious treasure, when his warm lips touched hers, they trembled lightly.

    It was not known whether it was from him holding back, or from suppressing the surging emotions within.

    Stopping with just a light taste, Jun Wu Yao was not willing to allow the raging beast threatening to break free of its cage in his chest frighten the little one, but the jet black ink faded from his eyes, to reveal the devilish violet beneath as he stared unwaveringly at her tiny face.

    "Little Xie, could  it be that you have not missed me at all?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile, his eyes tinged with feigned hurt.

    Jun Wu Xie's clear eyes studied that handsome looking face a moment when suddenly, she reached her hands out to wrap around Jun Wu Yao's neck, and before Jun Wu Yao realized what was happening, she pulled his head towards her forcibly as she tipped up her toes, to kiss Jun Wu Yao tyrannically upon his still smiling lips.

    The awkward and unskilled action, having only learnt from her previous kisses, was pure and passionate as Jun Wu Yao's lips parted, the fire hidden behind the icy facade surging into his mouth, like it was declaring sole possession, her breath rushing deep inside his mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie was serious with her kiss, invading bit by bit, and Jun Wu Yao just stood there with his lips parted, receiving the dominating assault, his half narrowed eyes tinged with shock and astonishment.
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