Chapter 1680: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (4)?”

    Chapter 1680: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (4)?"

    Detecting that Jun Wu Yao was stunned frozen stiff, Jun Wu Xie then evilly bit him hard on the tongue.

    The invigorating pain quickly shot through Jun Wu Yao which awakened him to his senses, stirring up his soul!

    A wave seemed to sweep through the sea of flowers in that instant as every single one of the lotus flowers bloomed. They all then floated up in the air, turned into a sea of red petals, swirling around the two figures in a shower.

    Jun Wu Yao tightened the arm around Jun Wu Xie's hips and lifted her up slightly as he took over the initiative of the kiss, immersing himself deeply into it, plunging into Jun Wu Xie's mouth seeking to almost swallow her whole, savouring it all little by little, like he was meshing himself into her bones.

    The deep night was silent, with no one knowing that upon the little hill beside the Pure Grace Palace, surrounded by a rain of swirling flower petals, just how beautiful the sight of the two figures locked in a tight embrace really was.

    Hidden in the shadows, Ye Sha and Ye Gu quietly turned their heads, leaving that moment to the two to savour slowly.

    That kiss that went back and forth, lasted seemingly for eternity, where even Jun Wu Xie was so taken she was panting slightly, her lips reddened from the ferocity. Jun Wu Yao raised a hand and brushed his thumb gently over her lips, his violet eyes brimming with a dangerous light.

    "You're done dealing with your matters?" Jun Wu Xie asked, still panting slightly as she stared into that familiar countenance, her eyes tinged with a exuberant glint that even she herself was unaware of.

    "Not yet." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile, his eyes and his mind, now filled with only the existence of just one person.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow.

    "Just wanted to come give you a hug." Jun Wu Yao said as his arm circled around Jun Wu Xie's waist, looking straight at the little one shrouded within his own shadow, to see in her eyes that reflected only his image. That gave him a satisfaction that no other thing could, or ever replace.

    He had never known that the passing of time could ever be so slow, so tormenting to anyone.

    A year's time, where in the past would go by in the blink of an eye, had at this day and time, suddenly felt so long and dreary.

    Like an entire century had passed.

    Jun Wu Xie merely stared at Jun Wu Yao quietly, her gaze gentle.

    "You seemed to have grown taller, and a little thinner." Jun Wu Yao said as he looked at the little one in his arms. To him, Jun Wu Xie's size was small and tiny but she had unknowingly grown somewhat in height. The little one who had been full of sharp spikes all over had now bloomed to become even more mesmerizing, regardless of the insignificant distraction she applied on herself to alter her outlook, his eyes were able to see through that facade, to the exquisite features underneath.

    "Your manner of words, are beginning to sound like that of my grandfather's." Jun Wu Xie commented, unable to help herself but laugh. Those words were really no different than what Jun Xian had said when he saw her.

    "My age, is much much older than your grandfather. What? You're gonna pick on that now?" Jun Wu Yao said as he pinched Jun Wu Xie on the nose, the smile on his face highly indulgent.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then swept over Jun Wu Yao's face in contempt.


    This person's words were always just asking to be given sweets, in what way had the long passage of time left and form of wisdom or steadfastness in him?

    "I'm only childish before you." Jun Wu Yao was not offended in the least, but was instead smiling even more brilliantly.

    "I will restrain the urge to laugh at you." Jun Wu Xie then said looking all serious.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed good spiritedly as he lay his head on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder near her neck, inhaling the scent that belonged only to her, a faint fragrance, but calmed him greatly.

    Such a feeling, was just so great.
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