Chapter 1681: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (5)?”

    Chapter 1681: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (5)?"

    Jun Wu Xie noticed that the lotus blooms that had filled the little hilltop now morphed into a glitter of stars to fall to the ground, slowly sinking into the soil.

    "These flowers are?" She voiced out in query.

    "Like it?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he raised up his head.

    "What were they changed from?" Jun Wu Xie did not answer but went on to ask, seeking to satisfy her own curiosity first.

    Jun Wu Yao raised up a hand and a ball of black mist swirled within his palm. When the mist dissipated away, a glowing lotus flower lay quietly within his hand.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the lotus bloom and then turned to look at Jun Wu Yao.

    She had never detected a single trace of spirit power from Jun Wu Yao. The kind of powers that he used, was extremely unfamiliar to her, but in theory, it should be similar to the spirit power they all employed.

    It could very well be imagined, that entire sea of flowers earlier, had been morphed from Jun Wu Yao's powers bit by bit, that absolutely stunning scene, portrayed and sustained, from just Jun Wu Yao's powers alone.

    Any form of depletion upon one's powers to any pugilist, was deemed to be highly precious.

    Or at least Jun Wu Xie herself would never use her Purple Spirit's powers to throw out fireworks, just for a laugh. Such "extravagant" actions, was something that only Jun Wu Yao could be capable of.

    Having her curiosity satisfied, Jun Wu Xie then looked at Jun Wu Yao and asked: "Are you going to leave with me or are you going to off and play on your own?"

    Under the Heavens, the one and only person who dared to speak in such a manner to Jun Wu Yao would only be Jun Wu Xie.

    "What? You're abandoning me just like this? You've gotten your kiss and you think you can shirk all responsibility for it?" Jun Wu Yao countered.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she turned her head to look at the three men from the Dark Regime hiding within the shadows.

    "Ye Sha, come here."

    Ye Sha was huddled together with Ye Mei exchanging gossip when he was singled out so suddenly. His face immediately straightened as he went walking over with a highly stoic face.

    "Young Miss." Ye Sha greeted as he fell to one knee.

    "Strip." Jun Wu Xie spat out that one word suddenly.

    Ye Sha was stunned in that instant.


    [Strip what.....]

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed just very slightly and though the corners of his mouth were still lifted up in a smile, the gaze that shot straight at Ye Sha made Ye Sha wish he had never been born.

    "Strip off your clothes." Jun Wu Xie then repeated.

    This time, it was a little more detailed, but.....

    Ye Sha just wished more than ever for death.

    [Young Miss, be more responsible with your words please!]

    [Don't you see the eyes that Lord Jue is looking at me with saying they wish for nothing more than to tear me to shreds?]

    "Young..... Young Miss..... Wha..... What do you..... exactly mean....." Ye Sha managed to stutter out, steeling himself with every effort he could muster.

    "You are similar to him in stature. Take off your clothes and let him change into them. And that disguise you have on your face, give it to him as well." Jun Wu Xie seemed to not have noticed in the least bit that the words she had left out in her statement had very nearly consigned Ye Sha into eternal damnation.

    "Didn't he already say that he's coming with me?" Jun Wu Xie then asked, her eyebrow arching up.

    Over the recent period, Ye Sha and Ye Gu had been dressed in the Shadow Moon Palace's uniform and Ye Gu's size was one that resembled a young youth, slightly on the smaller side. Ye Sha on the other hand was towering and tall, similar to that of Jun Wu Yao's, hence, Jun Wu Yao could only wear the clothes on Ye Sha to enable him to move about freely within the Pure Grace Palace.

    With the explanation from Jun Wu Xie, relief finally washed over Ye Sha where he then quickly took off his outer clothes and removed the disguise off his face, to present them respectfully to Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao held the things in his hands and the eyes that looked at Jun Wu Xie harboured a wicked glint.
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