Chapter 1682: “Aren’t You Giving Me a Hug (6)?”

    Chapter 1682: "Aren't You Giving Me a Hug (6)?"

    "Little Xie is intending to go back to the Pure Grace Palace right now?" Jun Wu Yao asked suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head unguardedly.

    "Alright then." Jun Wu Yao's smile turned rather evil as he suddenly stretched his hand out, and right before Jun Wu Xie and Ye Sha's eyes, he quickly undid his shirt. As the shirt slid off, Jun Wu Yao's perfectly sculpted body was grandly presented under the moon's silvery glow, before Jun Wu Xie.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie immediately froze.

    Her mouth was slightly agape, speechless and her eyes wide as Jun Wu Yao took of his clothes piece by piece like there was no one around. His actions were slow, and rather unhurried.

    Under the moonlight, the perfectly masculine body was revealed before Jun Wu Xie, not abashed in the slightest, the strong and powerful chest, the tight abdomen, the distinctly chiseled lines on the muscular body, causing Jun Wu Xie's throat to constrict slightly as it grew hot.

    As a doctor, she had seen quite a number of people's bodies, but never had she experienced such an unusual feeling.

    Jun Wu Yao was unabashedly stripping off his clothes as he looked at the beet red Jun Wu Xie, the evil smile playing across his lips. His long slender fingers were already placed over the top of his pants and it was seen that Jun Wu Yao was going to take off his pants.

    A shock ran through Jun Wu Xie as she exclaimed in a hurry: "You hold it right there!"

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a lift of his eyebrow, his voice tinged with a highly languid tone.

    "You can just wear the shirt and that will be enough." Jun Wu Xie did not know what was happening but felt that her body's temperature was mysteriously rising, and her tiny face hidden under the disguise was suddenly shockingly hot.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie who was fumbling a little helplessly and he suddenly laughed out loud. He then playfully reached his hand out to circle it around the stunned little one in an embrace, and pulled her tiny hand up to place it upon his powerful chest.

    "Could Little Xie be feeling a little shy here? I had thought that you have gotten used to it. Here..... here..... and here, they all belong to you."

    The hand that was burning hot was clasped around the tiny and slightly trembling hand, brushing over the chest, slowly over the stomach and stopping at the lower abdomen.

    The little one was becoming more and more interesting, becoming so initiative with her kisses which rendered him rather helpless. On this rare occasion that he was seeing her stumbling and highly flustered, Jun Wu Yao could not allow himself to miss this chance to tease her a little.

    Jun Wu Xie had her head lowered, her ears so red they were almost about to bleed.

    Jun Wu Yao then evilly lowered his head, and bit her gently on the ear.

    "Stop fooling around." Jun Wu Xie pushed him away in a fluster and took a few steps back with her hands over her burning ears, a look of helplessness within her eyes.

    Jun Wu Yao was in great spirits and he did not forcefully pursue it but quickly put on his shirt and wore the disguise over his face, covering that threateningly devilish handsome face.

    By the time Jun Wu Yao finished changing into his clothes and the disguise over his face, Jun Wu Xie had already composed her emotions. When Jun Wu Yao sidled himself over to her, Jun Wu Xie pretended to unintentionally raise up a leg, to stamp it down hard upon Jun Wu Yao's foot.

    Just like a heckled little kitten, scratching with her claws out while feigning dignified grace.

    Jun Wu Yao's laughter became even more intense, his good spirits no longer suppressible.

    Under Jun Wu Yao's boisterous laughter, Jun Wu Xie turned to lead Jun Wu Yao back to the Pure Grace Palace.

    In the Pure Grace Palace, the atmosphere was filled with celebratory song and dance, the mass of disciples lifting their cups in revelry. Despite the differences between the respective powers they served, it did not stop all of them from enjoying the festivities.

    When Jun Wu Xie returned, it did not attract the attention of others, much less the fact that anyone would notice that there was suddenly an additional man beside her.

    Only Zi Jin and Yue Yi noticed the strange scenario.

    Zi Jin raised her head to look at the seated Jun Wu, and her gaze then quickly fell upon the row of people seated right behind him.
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