Chapter 1683: “Leaving One’s Seat (1)”

    Chapter 1683: "Leaving One's Seat (1)"

    Zi Jin raised his head to look at the seated Jun Wu, and her gaze then quickly fell upon the row of people seated right behind him.

    It was not the first time that Zi Jin had seen that person and she knew that was Ye Sha wearing his disguise. But for some unknown reason today, she felt that "Ye Sha's" air and bearing had completely changed. Usually, Ye Sha and Ye Gu were not prone to speaking or even smiling, always giving people the impression and feeling they were oppressive and cool. But today's "Ye Sha" had so naturally had the corners of his mouth lifted up in a smile. A smile though faint, but one that made people feel it was chillingly devilish, and his air seemingly more pressing, to be almost threatening. Just by sitting across to him, Zi Jin could feel chills running through her back, her spine involuntarily hunched over.

    "You asked Ye Sha to come?" Zi Jin was a little befuddled, as for today's banquet, hadn't Jun Wu already decided not to have Ye Sha and Ye Gu join them?

    [Why had he suddenly changed his mind?]

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie answered calmly, like there was nothing amiss at all.

    Zi Jin looked at Jun Wu a moment and then turned to look at "Ye Sha", unable to shake off the feeling that something wasn't right. But as Ye Sha was Jun Wu's subordinate, it would naturally not be right for her to probe too much into it.

    "Just now, while you were gone, you missed a great show." Zi Jin said suddenly, deciding not to harp on the matter anymore.

    "Oh? What?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow arched, her gaze scanning the main hall for traces that would give her a clue, to discover that Gu Ying who had been seated beside Gu Xin Yan had already left the banquet, his seat glaringly empty.

    Zi Jin chuckled and then said: "Zhuge Yin from the Dragon Slayers Palace seemed to have his eye set on the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Miss and when the banquet was well underway with drinks earlier, he ran over to strike up a chat with Gu Xin Yan. Unfortunately, before he could even finish a couple of sentences, he was shooed away by Gu Ying. A heated exchange then ensued and things did not turn out well for both sides. Finally, it was Gu Xin Yan who spoke up, saying that Gu Ying had had a cup too many and asked him to go back to rest. But I could see that Gu Ying's eyes were crystal clear at that time and did not look to be drunk at all and Gu Xin Yan was merely giving face to Zhuge Yin. When Gu Ying left, the shade of his face was not really all that pretty at all."

    As a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace, Zi Jin would naturally want chaos to spread within the Twelve Palaces, the more chaotic the better, and this was a show that she would definitely not want to miss.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to Zi Jin's words quietly and as expected, Zhuge Yin who was sitting not too far off had a darkened face and Gu Xin Yan had her head lowered all the while with nobody having any clue what was going through her mind but was acting just like what Zi Jin had said.


    Jun Wu Xie still felt that something still did not feel right.

    She had encountered Gu Ying before and Gu Ying was in no way an obedient person that would take orders from anyone. With the kind of personality Gu Ying possessed, if he was displeased by the way Zhuge Yin acted, even with the halo of being the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord over his head, Gu Ying would not hesitate to have him spill blood spraying several feet away, even if that meant stirring up a bitter feud with Zhuge Yin before everyone. Moreover, he had supposedly been dissuaded by just a few words from Gu Xin Yan and that was one point that did not coincide with Gu Ying's personality at all.

    In addition to that.....

    When Jun Wu Xie's gaze fell upon Gu Xin Yan, Gu Yin Xan had at that very moment coincidentally raised up her head. Her face had looked slightly pale and her eyes had been empty as she swept her gaze over the main hall an entire round. At the moment her eyes met those of Jun Wu's, she had jumped slightly and quickly lowered her head back down, continuing to drink her wine.

    [Gu Ying would really so obediently leave to not stir up any trouble just from a word from Gu Xin Yan?]

    Jun Wu Xie did not for a moment think that Gu Xin Yan would have such a hold over Gu Ying. From the way she had seen Gu Xin Yan and Gu Ying interact, it was not difficult for Jun Wu Xie to see that Gu Xin Yan hid a deep fear towards Gu Ying from the bottom of her heart.
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