Chapter 1684: “Leaving One’s Seat (2)”

    Chapter 1684: "Leaving One's Seat (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie remained completely unmoved as she surveyed everything. Gu Ying's departure was definitely not just because of those few words uttered by Gu Xin Yan.

    [Then what could it be due to?]

    "What do you think? Would the Blood Fiend Palace seek trouble with the Dragon Slayers Palace here?" Zi Jin was getting rather excited. Jun Wu Xie had not even made a move and the two Young Lords from the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace were already at each other's throats. Wouldn't that mean that they might not even have to do anything and could just sit back and wait to reap the rewards without any effort?

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "Without mentioning Gu Ying for now, Gu Xin Yan would still not agree to have such a thing happen. Moreover, a little verbal argument wouldn't mean anything as such friction is highly common between the various palaces, which won't a big deal to them at all."

    [Wasn't there already so much conflict between the Twelve Palaces?]

    [Back at the Heaven's End Cliff, the Flame Demons Palace's slaughter of the All Life Palace had occurred and even though lives had been lost and people wounded then, the Twelve Palaces still had not really gone against each other openly.]


    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then fell upon the dark faced Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin was so affected by Gu Ying's snubbing that the shade of his face was looking rather unpleasant. Even though Gu Xin Yan's last few words had smoothed out the atmosphere somewhat, Zhuge Yin's face still did not look too good.

    Fei Yan sitting beside him was actually highly unwilling to waste his breath on that fella but for the sake of their scheme, he put on a smile to coax and persuade him.

    "I was merely exchanging a toast to Xin Yan and chatting a little with her, what did Gu Ying mean by doing that? His tone and manner of speech was so eccentric and strange, does he seek to see me dead then?" Zhuge Yin said, his rage rising the more he thought about it. He was the only son of the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord and right from a young age, he had been the apple of his father's eye and prized as the most precious treasure by everyone around him. When had he ever needed to suffer such in such a manner before?

    Fei Yan poured Zhuge Yin a cup of wine and said patiently: "Do not be angry Young Lord. The other party is from the Blood Fiend Palace afterall and the Blood Fiend Palace had for such a long time stood almost shoulder to shoulder with the Flame Demons Palace, so they would naturally despise all the other palaces. Moreover, that person is the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord and he was bound to be unbearably haughty and arrogant, showing no restraint with his words. Young Lord, you should just simmer down a little."

    Fei Yan seemed to be dissuading Zhuge Yin but if one was to think carefully about the words he said, they would discover that Fei Yan was actually adding fuel to the fire.

    Incessantly bringing up the tyrannical arrogance of the Blood Fiend Palace right by Zhuge Yin's ear, wouldn't that cause the young and hot blooded Zhuge Yin feel even more indignant?

    "Him? He can be considered as the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord like that? You must be joking! Gu Yi sees nothing in him and pays him no heed! Don't think just because he holds the surname Gu and he would be able to become the next Palace Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace. Only the Heavens know what that bastard child is from. Gu Yi had never intended to groom that thrash into the next Palace Lord and he still thinks he's somebody." Not only did Zhuge Yin feel he had been pushed into anger, Gu Ying had also disgraced him right before Gu Xin Yan and Fei Yan, which just further displeased him.

    A word carelessly uttered, might reveal more than intended to a attentive listener. Fei Yan's hand paused very briefly as he poured out the wine but he did not show it in the slightest upon his face, which maintained a smiling facade.

    Zhuge Yin downed a cup of wine, fighting to suppress the fire in his heart.

    "Little Yan, let me tell you this. Don't just see that fella Gu Ying putting on such airs here. When he's in the Blood Fiend Palace, he's nothing at all. You joined our palace late and there are many things you are unaware of. There are many filthy and dirty deeds and dealings within the Twelve Palaces and even if the Blood Fiend Palace was to choose, they would choose Gu Xin Yan as the next Palace Lord and that scoundrel would not even stand a chance."

    "But..... isn't he the Blood Fiend Palace Lord's son? Isn't the position of Palace Lord always handed down from father to son?" Fei Yan feigned incomprehension to say innocently.

    Zhuge Yin then sneered and said: "That's right, it's usually passed down to the son. But that son, has first got to be his real flesh and blood!"
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