Chapter 1685: “Rascally Rogue (1)”

    Chapter 1685: "Rascally Rogue (1)"

    "What does my Young Lord's really mean by those words?" Fei Yan nose could already sniff the strong scent of information.

    Zhuge Yin said: "Although our Dragon Slayers Palace are not able to match the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace at this moment, but among all the Twelve Palaces, the one who holds the most information and knowledge of the biggest secrets would be us. Little Yan, you've joined the palace only for a short period of time and there are many things you will only come to understand in the future. You will realize that among the Twelve Palaces, people who look to be revered and well respected are actually far from being as magnificent as the facade of grandeur they seem to portray on the surface."

    Fei Yan secretly noted that revelation in his mind. [Most information? Biggest secrets? That's just fantastic!]

    [How much trouble was that going to save him!]

    After the banquet ended, everyone dispersed to leave the hall.

    Jun Wu Xie had also returned to her room wanting to get some rest but.....

    When Jun Wu Xie walked into the room, Ye Sha, Ye Gu, and Ye Mei had already been waiting inside for a long time with her conscious of the fact that Jun Wu Yao had followed her in.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head to look at Jun Wu Yao, her eyes questioning.

    Jun Wu Yao however just looked smilingly at her.

    "I want to sleep already." Jun Wu Xie said as a reminder.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Yao nodded.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at him and then looked at Ye Sha and gang.

    "You guys can go."

    Ye Sha, Ye Gu and Ye Mei then self consciously climbed out from the window, but Jun Wu Yao however did not move in the slightest and just stood there in Jun Wu Xie's room.

    Jun Wu Xie just stood there staring at Jun Wu Yao as Jun Wu Yao stood staring back at her.

    "I want to rest. You can now go sleep as well." Jun Wu Xie said a little helplessly.

    Jun Wu Yao still remained there beaming widely. "I know, am I not here waiting to go to sleep?"


    [Naturally one needed to sleep.]

    [Right here!]

    "....." Jun Wu Xie could not find any words. [Was this rogue intending to act like a thug and refuse to leave her room?]

    In the past, Jun Wu Xie might not have understood anything about things like this, but having undergone the little black cat's whipping, she had come to learn some of it. Hence, she naturally knew..... that this scoundrel cannot be allowed to sleep here together with her.

    [At least not now!]

    "I just came here today and they had seemingly not prepared a room for me to rest in here. Little Xie, you wouldn't really want me to sleep in the wilderness would you?" Jun Wu Yao asked, as he looked mournfully at Jun Wu Xie. The Pure Grace Palace had already arranged rooms for the guests and the Shadow Moon Palace were allocated five rooms in total. Since he had just arrived here today with Ye Mei, they would naturally have no place allocated for them to rest in.

    "Go squeeze in with Ye Sha." Jun Wu Xie said, without changing the expression on her face.

    "Ye Mei has already gone there." Jun Wu Yao said, giving her a rascally smile.

    "Then squeeze with Ye Gu." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyebrow lifting up.

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh and said: "Has Little Xie forgotten? Ye Gu and Ye Jie are two people in one body and I am not going to share my pillow with any other girl than you."

    Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and then raised her foot to walk towards outside. She hadn't even taken two steps when Jun Wu Yao pulled her arm and turned her back around.

    "It's already so late, where are you going?"

    "I'll go ask Yue Yi to go sleep in Ye Gu's room." Jun Wu Xie said with her clear eyes looking at Jun Wu Yao. She was not that dumb to buy into the nonsense that this scoundrel was giving her. Over the past so many days, it had always been Ye Gu appearing before her and the little Ye Jie must already be in a deep sleep someplace only the Heavens knew where, so what was he talking about?

    Jun Wu Yao's face turned into one of disapproval and he shook his head slightly to say: "Are you talking about the youth from earlier? Ye Jie is highly timid. How could you make her sleep upon the same bed with a man who is a complete stranger to her?"

    "I am talking about Ye Gu." [Who ever said that Ye Jie was going to sleep with Yue Yi! ? She had definitely said Ye Gu!]

    Seeming to notice Jun Wu Xie's doubt of what he said, mirth flashed within Jun Wu Yao's eyes and he suddenly said: "Oh? Really?"
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