Chapter 1686: “Rascally Rogue (2)”

    Chapter 1686: "Rascally Rogue (2)"

    The moment his voice dropped, the window that had just been shut was suddenly opened and a small tiny appeared outside the window.

    "Squeak....." The rotund Hell Rodent was struggling to pull itself up onto the window ledge, its round eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao.

    The Hell Rodent, Ye Jie's Ring Spirit.

    Jun Wu Xie felt a twitch forming at the corner of her mouth. Ye Gu who had not transformed into Ye Jie at all throughout the entire period he had been following her had now suddenly handed over the control of the body to his younger sister in an instant. It was obvious that it was done to help fulfil Jun Wu Yao's "wish".

    Looking into Ye Jie's large naive eyes, Jun Wu Xie really could not make herself dump the little girl into Yue Yi's room.

    "You're dismissed." Jun Wu Yao said as he looked at Ye Jie in satisfaction, his hand raised up to wave her away.

    Ye Jie immediately carried the Hell Rodent and closed the window shut.

    Outside the window, Ye Sha and Ye Mei were standing on each side of the window as they stared at the bright moon shining down. They both then turned their heads and raised their thumbs up at Ye Jie.

    Ye Jie's face was one of utter confusion.

    Not knowing that when the three men had left the room earlier, they had remained squatting just outside to stand guard when they heard the conversation between Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao. Realizing that their Lord was in a pickle, they immediately forced Ye Gu to summon Ye Jie, which was how the earlier scene had come about.

    These few highly stalwart men of the Night Regime, really worried their hearts to bits over the eternal happiness of their Lord Jue.

    But though they were highly delighted, Jun Wu Xie was not feeling all that pleased.

    "Have Ye Mei and Ye Sha look into the situation in the Pure Grace Palace tonight." Jun Wu Xie then said. It was highly common for the Night Regime to move by night and Ye Sha's and Ye Gu's rooms were mostly left empty anyway, hardly used at all.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted an eyebrow and watched Jun Wu Xie struggling valiantly, his eyes filling up with mirth.

    Jun Wu Xie had just finished with those words when the window was opened once again.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei poked their faces in looking highly aggrieved and mournful, suddenly appearing at the window.

    "Young Miss, I have not been feeling too well the past few days. Please allow me to rest up a little." Ye Sha said, his tone serious and the expression on his face showing fatigue and exhaustion.

    "Young Miss, I have been rushing the entire way here with Lord Jue and have not even shut my eyes for several days and nights already. Will you allow me to have a nap at least?" Ye Mei similarly indicated that he needed to rest.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and stared at the two characters who had been eavesdropping outside the window with a frosty gaze. Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately shut the window tightly in the very next instant, not daring to make another sound.

    Jun Wu Xie was so infuriated by those two that she didn't know what to say.

    Jun Wu Xie's melancholy mood did not seem to have infected Jun Wu Yao at all as he walked smilingly over a chair at the side to sit down, his long slender legs crossed together. He rested his chin in his palm as he looked on unruffled and calmly at the still struggling Jun Wu Xie.

    [The little one knows more and more now, it will not be easy to dupe her anymore.]

    Jun Wu Xie's lips stiffened as she stared at Jun Wu Yao sitting there when she suddenly opened her mouth to say: "You have not had any shuteye for many days?"

    She did not disregard what Ye Mei had said earlier. From the Lower Realm to the Middle Realm, just how far the journey really was was not something she did not know about.

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh. "Mm."

    Jun Wu Xie fell silent and then went walking over to stand before him, before she reached her hands out to tug at Jun Wu Yao's shirt collar to pull him up from the chair.

    Jun Wu Yao just went along with her.

    Jun Wu Xie brought Jun Wu Yao straight to the side of the bed and pushed him down on his shoulders to make him sit on the bed.

    "Sleep now."

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes flashed slightly, his eyes hiding a smile as he allowed himself to fall along with the force from the push of Jun Wu Xie's arms, flat onto the bed. He then shifted himself further inside the bed of his own accord, to leave a space for Jun Wu Xie.
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