Chapter 1687: “Rascally Rogue (3)”

    Chapter 1687: "Rascally Rogue (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at him but did not make any direct move but instead summoned the little black cat who had lazed for many days.

    "Meow?" The little black cat was feeling a little lost having been summoned by Jun Wu Xie for no clear reason.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just sat down at the side of the bed and laid herself down. Jun Wu Yao's eyes seemed to then flash with a glint.

    But just as he was about to stretch his hand out to cuddle Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie planted the little black cat right in between them.....

    "....." Jun Wu Yao was stunned.

    "....." The little black cat was flummoxed!

    "Sleep." Jun Wu Xie did not care in the slightest how hard the hearts of those two were crumbling but just went on ahead to adjust her position a little before pulling the blanket over herself and shutting her eyes to rest.

    Buried under the blanket, the little black cat was feeling downright unwell. It had wondered why Jun Wu Xie had summoned it out and in the end it was for such a purpose!

    The little black cat's tiny heart was on the verge of collapsing. It was a spirit body and it did not need to breathe, so even if it was buried inside the blanket, that did not affect it at all. [Although that was factually correct, but..... Mistress, you can't play in such a manner!]

    Being wedged right smack between Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, though the little black cat was hidden in darkness beneath the blanket, it could clearly feel the intense murder emanating from Jun Wu Yao.....

    [It was feeling that it's end was nigh!]

    Jun Wu Xie had used the little black cat as a division line, cutting straight between her and Jun Wu Yao, quickly thwarting Jun Wu Yao's plans, and also damning the little black cat straight into Hell.

    At that moment, the little black cat deeply regretted why it had been so nosey right from the beginning, to nag at Jun Wu Xie about so many things between a man and a woman. It had merely wanted to protect its Mistress from being devoured by the Great Demon King but it had absolutely no intention of being offered up as a sacrifice to the Great Demon King at all!

    Buried deep under the blanket, the little black cat tried its best to curled itself up as tight as it could, wishing that it could disappear right in that instant.

    Because it could feel that a strong and powerful palm was pressed right upon its neck!

    This could really cost a cat its "meow" lives! !

    Fortunately that hand did not snap its neck in two but shifted away very soon after, to stretch right over its pathetically tiny palm sized body, to rest over Jun Wu Xie's hip.

    Jun Wu Xie's body stiffened, but she did not move.

    Jun Wu Yao could feel the familiar warmth under his palm and a smile rose up within his eyes.

    [No need to rush, they still have a lot of time.]

    That was how the little black cat that was of almost absolutely no use spent the night as a unwelcomed light bulb, feeling highly aggrieved curled up under the blanket. It could not even close its eyes the entire night, deeply afraid that it would never wake up if it slept.

    Outside the window, Ye Sha and Ye Mei stood guard and Ye Jie had left to get some rest. They saw the light in the room go out and then did not hear a single sound inside. The two of them exchanged a glance between themselves and they could see a sense of gratification in each other's eyes.

    [They had not suffered in vain standing guard here. Things between their Lord Jue and the Young Miss has finally progressed!]

    The two satisfied men then dispersed with their hearts relieved but they did not go back to their rooms to rest, but had gone around to various corners of the Pure Grace Palace to look into the situation in that place.

    That night, Jun Wu Xie slept very peacefully.

    In the morning, Jun Wu Xie was shocked awake by a series of knocks on the door. She slowly opened her eyes and realized she did not know from when she had been encircled within Jun Wu Yao's embrace. Jun Wu Yao arm was so naturally wrapped around her waist and there was almost no distance between them at all. She saw the highly aggrieved little black cat sprawled over Jun Wu Yao's thigh, crying without tears as it looked helplessly at her.

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly startled and she saw that Jun Wu Yao who was bathing in sunlight still in his dreams.
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