Chapter 1688: “Rascally Rogue (4)”

    Chapter 1688: "Rascally Rogue (4)"

    In the morning, Jun Wu Xie was shocked awake by a series of knocks on the door. She slowly opened her eyes and realized she did not know from when she had been encircled within Jun Wu Yao's embrace. Jun Wu Yao arm was so naturally wrapped around her waist and there was almost no distance between them at all. She saw the highly aggrieved little black cat sprawled over Jun Wu Yao's thigh, crying without tears as it looked helplessly at her.

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly startled and she saw that Jun Wu Yao who was bathing in sunlight still in his dreams.

    Under the sun, Jun Wu Yao's eyes were tightly shut, his long lashes looking just like little fans, his perfect features without the slightest blemish. When asleep, he did not carry that devilish air on him, and did not possess that invasiveness about him, but that just made his face all that more captivating.

    Jun Wu Xie quietly looked at Jun Wu Yao sleeping countenance, her gaze studying his fine features, to finally fall upon Jun Wu Yao's lips.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes then sparkled, and she slowly leaned over. At the very second just as their lips were going to touch, that knocking rang out once again.

    Jun Wu Xie's face blushed slightly.

    [What was she doing?]

    Jun Wu Xie got up her mind a little disconcerted, and in that moment of fluster, she did not notice that Jun Wu Yao's tightly shut eyes had opened in the instant she got up, those eyes tinged with disappointment.

    Just which scoundrel who didn't know he was knocking on Death's door had come ruin his joy?

    Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat and opened the door, to see Zi Jin standing right outside.

    "Eh? Why have you summoned it out?" The moment Zi Jin saw the little black cat in Jun Wu's arm, her eyes had immediately sparkled with interest, and she reached her hand out to tickle the little black cat's chin with a smile on her face.

    Having gone through a whole night's of ruining devastation, the little black cat could not summon up any bit of resistance at all as it let itself be subjected Zi Jin's teasing, all life seemingly gone out of its eyes.

    Zi Jin had seen the little black cat before, and knew that it was Jun Wu's Ring Spirit. But she had not seen Jun Wu summon the little black cat for a long time and young girls like her were just defenceless against tiny adorable animals like that. Zi Jin was naturally no exception.

    "Something you need?" Jun Wu Xie cleared her throat, as she looked at Zi Jin who was only focused on teasing the little black cat.

    Zi Jin finally remembered the purpose she had come to seek Jun Wu for and immediately stopped teasing the little black cat to say: "The Pure Grace Palace has arranged some activities and invites people from the various palaces to take part.

    The duration of the birthday celebrations was ten days and in these ten days, the Pure Grace Palace needed to play a good host and the leisurely time the youths from all the other palaces had was handed over to the Pure Grace Palace to make suitable arrangements but the guests were still given the choice to go or not. The Pure Grace Palace was bothering to arrange these activities because they were afraid that the disciples from the other palaces would take the opportunity to stir up chaos here and hence, they had created nicer sounding excuses like this to gather all the well wishers together in one place.

    "What kind of activity?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "I am not too sure. Most probably admiring flowers or something similar to that. I heard that there would also be sparring matches. Do you want to go take a look?" Zi Jin's gaze was sparkling brightly as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. She didn't really care for the other activities but the sparring matches would be a good opportunity for her to observe the powers of the younger generation in the Twelve Palaces, hence, she would naturally not miss it.

    Jun Wu Xie gave it a thought and finally shook her head. "Not going."

    "Alright then. But the Pure Grace Palace has said, if we are not going to attend, we are not allowed to roam wherever we please within the Pure Grace Palace and the places permitted is limited. You watch yourself then, and don't get discovered. I will go with Yue Yi to have a look and if there's any news, I will come back to tell you." Zi Jin said with a smile.

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Upon saying that, Zi Jin waved her hand at Jun Wu, as she stepped off to go find Yue Yi to go attend the activities with her.
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