Chapter 1689: “Arena (1)”

    Chapter 1689: "Arena (1)"

    The disciples of the Pure Grace Palace brought the other Twelve Palaces' youths to admire flowers and see the sights, whereas the other guests not from the Twelve Palaces could do nothing but obediently remain in their rooms, nor daring to roam.

    But going around just to see mountains and lakes, admiring flowers and greens was a tad bit too boring to the youths from the Twelve Palaces. It was only a while into the trip when someone was already bemoaning they were tired and wants to go back.

    The Pure Grace Palace disciples then immediately relayed the news over to the Pure Grace Palace's Elders.

    And this was not something that the Pure Grace Palace's Elders were happy to hear.

    "There's still quite a number of days' time and leaving such a big group of people within our Pure Grace Palace will be rather dangerous as there could very well be spies among them sent out by the other palaces." An Elder said, his face grim.

    Everyone thought that as their Palace Lord was celebrating his birthday, have guests come bring well wishes was something to be happy about. But in truth, the Pure Grace Palace did not feel the slightest bit of joy. The gifts brought in by people, no matter how good, was not anything rare enough to be cherished with the kind of might the Pure Grace Palace possessed. It was the youths come from the other palaces bearing those gifts that the Pure Grace Palace was most worried about, being deeply afraid that there would be some mixed in amongst the youths who harboured ulterior motives.

    Things among the Twelve Palaces had been rather tense lately and no one dared to reveal their trump card to any of the other palaces. But holding a banquet for their Palace Lord's birthday was not any ordinary event they could avoid as celebrating the Palace Lords' birthdays was a rule stringently adhered to by the Twelve Palaces, hence, the Pure Grace Palace had naturally been unable to refuse, but to open their doors wide, and allow in this bunch of people with unfriendly intentions.

    Letting them inside the Pure Grace Palace had already been their limit and if they did not exercise some form of control but allowed all of them to roam as they wished in the Pure Grace Palace, that would really be too dangerous.

    "Last night, after the banquet ended, regarding those suspicious shadowy figures spotted, has it been ascertained from which palace those people were from?" The Pure Grace Palace's Elder asked worriedly. After the banquet ended last night, everyone should have all returned back to their rooms. But the Pure Grace Palace's patrol had discovered some who secretly stayed behind, and unfortunately, they did not manage to capture the person.

    It was just the second day and someone among one of the other Twelve Palaces was already seeking to make a move. If things continued on like this, what should they do about it?

    "Not yet." A Pure Grace Palace disciple replied.

    The Elder's face immediately darkened as he berated: "Useless fools!"

    "Elder, how should we deal with the matter? The guests are all getting rather impatient." The disciple asked mournfully.

    The Elder creased up his brows. "Since they are getting bored, then set up an arena to let them give vent to all their pent up energy and it would also divert all their attention to it. Afterall, aren't all those old fellas sitting in their palaces seeking to show off just how strong the new talents their palaces had acquired are? We'll then give them that very opportunity they seek. Go tell the bunch of them that the final winner still standing will receive a prize prepared for them by the Pure Grace Palace."

    "Elder..... Will they really be willing to step into the arena?" The disciple was a little doubtful. Something the Pure Grace Palace could afford to give up as a prize would surely be something inconsequential and the other palaces would surely similarly have it. Using that tiny bit as a lure, how could it possibly convince those youths to step forth?

    The Elder then said sneeringly: "What do you know? That's just an excuse to start the ball rolling. These people who are here, are not only seeking to probe into the real situation in our Pure Grace Palace. They would also be keen to be able to properly gauge the other palaces as well. Presented with such a golden opportunity to do that, even if we do not offer any prize, they would definitely still step forward."

    Which among the Twelve Palaces would be willing to be deemed as the bottom ranked one? Which one among them was not fighting with all their might to climb up the ranks?

    With this banquet the Pure Grace Palace was holding this time, just by looking at the candidates the various palaces had picked to send here, it was obvious to see that the palaces were all seeking to show off.

    Regrettably, the Pure Grace Palace did not have a single talented disciple among the younger generation, which infuriated them so much they almost vomited blood.
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