Chapter 1690: “Arena (2)”

    Chapter 1690: "Arena (2)"

    Soon after, the disciples of the Pure Grace Palace brought the news of the sparring arena into the ears of the other Twelve Palaces' youths. Just as expected, the youths that were in a highly indolent mood immediately perked up upon hearing about it.

    The location of the arena was set to be at a training hall in the Pure Grace Palace and a whole bunch of youths quickly gathered over there. Seeing the enormous arena before their eyes, the eyes of the youths sparkled brightly.

    Everyone knew that the Twelve Palaces were opposed to each other and all the youths were present were either ones who had just joined their palace not long ago and have not yet established a steady base, or they were still young in age and were still green and unaccomplished. What they had lacked most sorely in their respective palaces, were accomplishments and experience. If they were able to seize the top spot at this great gathering of talents, then they would have gained themselves great bragging rights when they return back to their palaces, where they would be more highly valued.

    Many of the youths were rubbing their fists, eager to step up onto the arena to present a good show of their prowess. A few of them had even been so anxious they had already leapt up onto the arena stage, all ready to show off their skills.

    Zi Jin followed by Yue Yi's side, secretly observing the entire group of hot blooded youths. She was from the Spirit Jade Palace and she was highly lacking in her knowledge of the Twelve Palaces. Besides knowing the uniforms disciples of the Twelve Palaces wore, she knew nothing about who's who within the Twelve Palaces.

    "Yue Yi, what do you think of the powers of those people?" Zi Jin asked in a soft whisper, standing right beside Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi had a gloomy and deeply solemn personality and from the moment he joined hands with Jun Wu, he had been habitually silent and reticent. Jun Wu did not come today and only Zi Jin followed him here. Yue Yi was unable to ascertain the level of Jun Wu's power but he knew Zi Jin was not that strong and could only be considered to be average. The Twelve Palaces had sent out quite a number of their elites this time round and with the level of powers Zi Jin possessed, she wouldn't be able to identify the powers of many people here.

    "It's alright. Around the peak of the blue spirit." Yue Yi's voice was slightly deep, but still tinged slightly with the greenness of a youth.

    "Ah..... blue spirit." Zi Jin rubbed at her chin, discreetly noting the person's power level and the palace he belonged to in her mind.

    Up on the arena, two youths had already started to battle, a blue spirit against a blue spirit. Although the battle was intense, it did not really arouse that much interest from the spectating youths surrounding them. In their eyes, blue spirits really did not mean all that much to them.

    "I had thought that I would be able to catch a great show here. I had not expected that it would turn out to be such a boredom." Zhuge Yin said as he held a folding fan in his hand, thinking himself elegant and stylish as he fanned himself lightly, his gaze looking at the two youths fighting closely upon the arena, but those eyes were filled with scorn.

    "Young Lord, you must not gauge these dorks based on your kind of standards. How many people are able to at your age, breakthrough to the Purple Spirit level?" Fei Yan said appropriately in a timely fashion, making Zhuge Yin highly pleased with one a few words of praise.

    Zhuge Yin arched up an eyebrow, and then laughed unabashedly.

    Fei Yan laughed along with him but in his heart he was thinking to himself: [This Zhuge Yin was indeed deserving of being the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace. Although he was a two faced hypocrite through and through, petty and lascivious, he possessed significant gift. He had merely just passed twenty two years of age but already possessed the powers of a Purple Spirit. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had expended all kinds of treasures onto this only son of his and with Zhuge Yin's great gift in cultivation, it had produced a rather amazingly skilled young man.

    If not for the fact that Fei Yan and the others got the magical items in the Dark Emperor's tomb and received personal instruction from Jun Wu Yao himself, even if they had put in all their efforts based purely on their gifts, they might very well only end up achieving results not all that different from Zhuge Yin had.

    Hence it could be said, that Zhuge Yin's haughtiness and arrogance, was not purely due to his identity as the Dragon Slayers Young Lord. Even without that halo over his head, with the powers he held, it would still be highly astounding.
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