Chapter 1691: “Arena (3)”

    Chapter 1691: "Arena (3)"

    "One wouldn't have missed anything not watching these people fight. The real show has not even begun." Zhuge Yin said contemptuously, his gaze falling in the direction towards Gu Xin Yan standing at the back.

    Gu Xin Yan was standing among a group of disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace, her gaze indifferent and there was no sign of Gu Ying beside her. Among a whole group of youths, Gu Xin Yan's beauty was even more eye catching and Zhuge Yin's heart was inadvertently moved when he looked at her. Coincidentally, as that highly loathsome Gu Ying was not here, Zhuge Yin quickly put on his most winsome smile and went walking towards Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan had been rather distracted this day and she was feeling rather uneasy with the words she had said to Gu Ying last night at the banquet. She had asked some of their own disciples to go invite Gu Ying to come with them this morning but they had been rejected.

    Towards this elder brother of hers, Gu Xin Yan was really unable to fathom his personality well and her heart only felt a kind of fear against him.

    Truth to be told, on the entire journey here to the Pure Grace Palace, Gu Ying had almost not departed from her shadow which rather unnerved her. With Gu Ying absent today, she was instead feeling a little more relaxed, her attractive looking eyes peering around at her surroundings. It was not known what she was looking for as her gaze passed over the youths one by one in the crowd, only to be disappointed time after time.

    [That person did not come.]

    "Little Sister Xin Yan." Zhuge Yin's voice rang out right in front of Gu Xin Yan. Gu Xin Yan quickly recovered her senses and saw Zhuge Yin's smiling face before her eyes. Her heart felt a little helpless but she put on a faint smile out of politeness.

    "Young Master Zhuge."

    Zhuge Yin however did not feel that Gu Xin Yan was distancing herself at all but instead stepped in closer to ask: "Did Little Sister Xin Yan manage to sleep well last night? I beg that Little Sister Xin Yan would not take offence with the incident yesterday as I merely had a drink too many which brought about that uncharacteristic behaviour. I must have caused my Little Sister to laugh at me."

    "You're being too kind, yesterday was just a minor misunderstanding that's all." Gu Xin Yan replied with a smile.

    "The arrangements the Pure Grace Palace made today is just too boring. Although the Pure Grace Palace has many species of flowers and much fishes to see, they are rather dull and uninteresting. I saw this morning that you were quite interested towards the flowers. If an opportunity arises, I will be sure to invite you to the Dragon Slayers Palace to see the flowerbeds in our gardens, it will be a sight that the Pure Grace Palace cannot hope to compare to." Zhuge Yin said with a smile.

    Gu Xin Yan was a little at a loss for words. She really did not know why this Zhuge Yin kept coming to badger her. If it had been anyone else, she could easily just disregard them or block them off with a few curt words. But as the other party was the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, she had no choice but to be a little hold back a little.

    The Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace were jostling for the top position of the Twelve Palaces and if they earned the enmity of the Dragon Slayers Palace at this point of time, it would only create unnecessary trouble for them.

    Gu Xin Yan had no choice but to deal with Zhuge Yin patiently.

    It was a wave after another for the youths on the arena stage and upon the platform now was already a couple of youths with indigo spirits.

    But to the true prodigies who held back without making a move below the stage, such insignificant power wasn't even worthy enough for them to strike at.

    Zhuge Yin continued to find excuses to strike up a conversation with Gu Xin Yan. It must be said that with Zhuge Yin's looks, background, and powers, it was enough to draw him a whole clump of admirers. But Gu Xin Yan's mind was not on him at all, merely answering him with indifferent replies, her eyes highly distracted, intermittently straying over the crowd, seemingly looking for something among them.

    When she caught sight of the figures of Yue Yi and Zi Jin, her eyes then showed great disappointment.

    [Those two people from the Shadow Moon Palace are already here but there is still no sign of Jun Wu. It seems that he really did not come today.]

    The emotion in Gu Xin Yan's eyes was well noticed by Zhuge Yin, that look of great disappointment highly stinging to his eyes. He then turned to follow Gu Xin Yan's line of sight to see.....
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