Chapter 1692: “Arena (4)”

    Chapter 1692: "Arena (4)"

    Among the crowd of people, he saw a youth and a young girl standing together. They were watching the battle on stage and the young girl seemed to be occasionally asking questions by the youth's ear with the youth then answering her patiently.

    The youth possessed extremely striking looks and even Zhuge Yin had to admit that the other party was good looking. But.....

    Zhuge Yin's eyes narrowed up slightly. It was impossible that he would mistake the uniforms the two people were wearing as anything else. They were disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace. How count the Shadow Moon Palace count as anything before the Dragon Slayers Palace? Here he was standing right next to Gu Xin Yan but why did Gu Xin Yan's gaze refuse to stay upon him but was instead drawn to look upon that youth from the Shadow Moon Palace?

    Unable to reconcile with that fact, hatred rose up in Zhuge Yin's heart. Suppressing the displeasure within, Zhuge Yin then said to Gu Xin Yan with a smile: "Is Little Sister Xin Yan finding this competition boring?"

    Gu Xin Yan was slightly taken aback and just nodded her heart distractedly.

    Towards the battle going on up on stage, she had not paid them the slightest notice.

    A venomous glint then flashed within Zhuge Yin's eyes as he said to Gu Xin Yan: "Will Little Sister Xin Yan just wait a little while for me to inject some excitement into this hopelessly dull competition?"

    Before Gu Xin Yan could fully comprehend what Zhuge Yin meant with his words, Zhuge Yin had already stepped away.

    From the moment that Zhuge Yin had run over to go try chat Gu Xin Yan up, Fei Yan had self consciously hidden himself in the shadows to not be an eyesore but had still continued to secretly pay attention to Zhuge Yin's actions. When Zhuge Yin's eyes had flashed with that venomous glint earlier, he had naturally noticed it. Seeing Zhuge Yin walking quickly towards the crowd, Fei Yan immediately followed behind, a faint uneasy feeling creeping into his heart.

    Zi Jin was talking to Yue Yi about things happening up on the stage and though Yue Yi was a rather gloomy person, things that needed to be said would still be pointed out. And as his deep voice was never tempered with any impatience, it was greatly pleasing to Zi Jin which made the corners of her mouth lift up slightly with a smile.

    But just as Zi Jin was going to ask a little more, another voice suddenly rang out behind them.

    "You guys are from the Shadow Moon Palace?"

    The voice was considerably loud which drew the stares of the youths in the surrounding area.

    Zi Jin and Yue Yi turned their heads and saw Zhuge Yin standing there conspicuously right before their eyes, the folding fan he held in his hand swaying slowly, the young man's slightly upraised chin tinged with arrogance.

    Zi Jin was immediately feeling rather nervous, both her hands subconsciously grabbing onto Yue Yi's arm. Yue Yi creased his brows and looked at Zhuge Yin and from Zhuge Yin's dress and his countenance, he recognized Zhuge Yin as who he was.

    "We are indeed disciples from the Shadow Moon Palace. I wonder what brought Young Master Zhuge to come here?" Yue Yi said unaffectedly. Zhuge Yin's reputation among the Twelve Palaces wasn't all that great, conceited, arrogant, and a person who would not think of consequences for his actions, well known to be the most troublesome person to deal with among the Dragon Slayers Palace's younger generation.

    Zhuge Yin glanced at the pale faced Zi Jin and he jeered inwardly in his heart before he said: "It's nothing but it's just that I noticed that the two of you seem to be very interested in the arena battles. So, aren't you going to try it yourself?"

    Zhuge Yin's tone was filled with intense enmity. Yue Yi could not understand the reason for the hostility.

    The Shadow Moon Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace had always steered clear of each other without any feud between them. Moreover, there wasn't any grudge between them and Zhuge Yin where they had not even come into any form of contact before, so why had Zhuge Yin suddenly come running here to find trouble with them?

    "There's no need, with our weak powers, it's not enough to grace such a grand event. We'll rather not embarrass ourselves." Yue Yi said carefully, discreetly shielding Zi Jin behind him.
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