Chapter 1693: “Wicked Intentions (1)”

    Chapter 1693: "Wicked Intentions (1)"

    Zhuge Yin lifted up his eyebrow slightly. "Are people from the Shadow Moon Palace all so modest? If I remember correctly, you should be called Yue Yi right?"

    Yue Yi's eyebrows creased slightly. Having his identity pointed out by Zhuge Yin so suddenly, Zhuge Yin felt a foreboding premonition looming over him. Zhuge Yin had come prepared.


    "And your Grandfather should be Elder Yue of the Shadow Moon Palace. Is that right?" Zhuge Yin asked thoughtfully, staring at Yue Yi as he continued to fan his folding fan lightly.

    "That's right." The unease in Yue Yi's heart intensified. [What was Zhuge Yin pointing out his identity and background at this point of time for?]

    "Elder Yue of the Shadow Moon Palace is one of the top three pugilist of the Shadow Moon Palace and he is the only Elder who holds powers comparable to the Palace Lord. He has also been in the Shadow Moon Palace longer than the the current Shadow Moon Palace Lord and has served three Palace Lords. It could be said that he is easily the most experienced and senior person in the Shadow Moon Palace. Someone once said, that with Elder Yue's skills, he even possesses the capability to override the Shadow Moon Palace Lord but Elder Yue is instead unswervingly loyal to the Shadow Moon Palace. Not only had he committed himself fully to assist three generations of Palace Lords, he had not been married, without any children of his own." Zhuge Yin's eyes flashed with a venomous and chilling glint as he stared at Yue Yi, the smile at the corners of his lips deepening.

    "Speaking about this, Elder Yue is really a living example of the word loyalty! But on the other hand, I heard that the Elder Yue seems to have a penchant for....." Zhuge Yin's voice raised up slightly in pitch. "From a very long time ago, Elder Yue had already developed a habit of adopting young children. Those children would follow at Elder Yue's side from young and were brought up by Elder Yue. But there's one very strange thing. For youths who possess good gifts, after they grew up, they would mysteriously go missing, and Elder Yue does not seem to find that there's anything strange about it, and had never conducted any investigations at all. Yue Yi..... Can you answer me this? What is the reason for this strange phenomenon?"

    Zhuge Yin's gaze fell upon Yue Yi, his face obviously smiling but made Yue Yi felt as if a venomous viper was eyeing him.

    Zhuge Yin's words attracted the curiosity of quite a number of the youths surrounding them. Some of them had heard of the Shadow Moon Palace's Elder Yue before but had not known about such a deep secret hidden behind, and they could not help but to turn their gazes upon Yue Yi.

    [Isn't Yue Yi exactly the adopted grandson of Elder Yue?]

    Yue Yi's face had turned slightly pale. He could faintly detect the danger within Zhuge Yin's words. Zhuge Yin must have known something for him to ask such a question!

    The reason the children that Elder Yue had adopted in the past had gone missing in the end, that was a point that even within the Shadow Moon Palace, it was a secret that was not known to anyone. Yue Yi himself had only become aware of this matter through sheer coincidence but he still did not know what had exactly happened.

    "What? Yue Yi, you don't know?" Zhuge Yin asked mockingly as he stared at the pale faced Yue Yi, arrogantly raising up his chin.

    Yue Yi clenched his jaws tight and did not reply, but Zi Jin standing beside him became rather nervous. Through the conversation between Jun Wu and Yue Yi, Zi Jin had become aware of Yue Yi's bitter experience straight from the horse's mouth. Zhuge Yin had already carried his words so far, he wouldn't possibly have anything good to say about Yue Yi after this.

    Zi Jin drew in a deep breath and she suddenly walked to stand in front of Yue Yi, to face Zhuge Yin with his malicious intentions.

    "Young Lord Zhuge, at this moment, with so many people fighting battles in the competition to exchange pointers, with you as the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, coming here to reveal the private secrets of other people, might not be all that appropriate at all!"
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