Chapter 1694: “Wicked Intentions (2)”

    Chapter 1694: "Wicked Intentions (2)"

    Zhuge Yin stared at Zi Jin who had suddenly jumped out and the corners of his mouth curled up in a sneer. "Not appropriate? I think this young lady here must have misunderstood something. I am merely here to remind Yue Yi that with the kind of personality Elder Yue has, if he comes to know that his adopted grandson has backed down from battle in this gathering of the Twelve Palaces which would embarrass the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Yue would surely not let Yue Yi off easily. If Yue Yi is not careful, he might follow in the footsteps of those youths that have gone missing, then what good could it possibly do for him?"

    "We wouldn't dare to trouble you to worry about that!" Zi Jin said as she looked warily at Zhuge Yin. Even she could feel the animosity Zhuge Yin had against them.

    Zhuge Yin continued to stare at Zi Jin, not having any intention to waste his breath on her any longer. His target had been Yue Yi right from the beginning.

    "Whether I need to worry about that, I think Yue Yi knows it best himself. The temperament of that grandfather of yours, isn't that patient at all. I think you would have tasted his "care and concern" quite a bit and you wouldn't want to have another taste of it right?"

    Zhuge Yin strange words and his queer tone of voice made everyone feel there was something more behind his words. More youths who had been paying attention to the battles up on stage were now drawn over here, the crowd surrounding Yue Yi, Zi Jin and Zhuge Yin in layer upon layer of people, everyone with their ears pricked, seeking to hear more of this juicy news.

    And among the big pack of nosey youths, someone was also breaking out in cold sweat for Yue Yi's and Zi Jin's sakes.

    Looking at the current situation, Fei Yan realized the situation was dire. Zhuge Yin must have diverted the rage he felt from being disregarded by Gu Xin Yan to vent it all upon the Shadow Moon Palace. If it had been anyone else caught in this situation, Fei Yan could just have ignored it totally. But this was happening to people who had come to the Pure Grace Palace together with Jun Wu Xie.

    Zhuge Yin was acting suave and elegant on the surface, but his heart was petty and vicious, avenging himself for the smallest grievance. When Fei Yan was in the Dragon Slayers Palace, he had witnessed Zhuge Yin teaching those disciples not to his liking a lesson, and his methods had been cruel. Not that Zhuge Yin had taken the initiative to seek trouble with Yue Yi and Zi Jin, this matter would surely not end so easily!

    Fei Yan clenched his jaws tight discreetly. With his position, he could only go up and try to dissuade him a little, but Zhuge Yin was not someone easily persuaded. His eyes then involuntarily looked at his other companions among the crowd and on the faces of Qiao Chu and the others, he saw similar expressions of worry.

    With the current situation, none of them could step forward or it might very well destroy the entire grand plan of having them infiltrate into the various palaces!

    At that moment, Fei Yan could only discreetly retreat to the back of the crowd, to soundlessly hide himself in a unnoticeable corner before he pulled out the jade token hidden upon his body.

    On the other side, Zhuge Yin's aggressive and overbearing words made Yue Yi turn white as a sheet. The other people might not be able to discern what Zhuge Yin was hinting at with his words, but to Yue Yi himself, every single one of those vicious words filled with insinuations, was like a dagger that stabbed him right in the heart, slowly breaking down the mask of unyielding resilience he had pretended to hold up for ten years, to slowly crumble into pieces.

    "Oh, that's right! Yue Yi, don't you have a little sister as well? Just like you, who is also adopted and taken care of by Elder Yue?" Zhuge Yin said evilly. He looked on with great satisfaction as he saw Yue Yi's face turning more and more pale, admiring the lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    [Such a lowly piece of trash, even if he possessed a set of good looking countenance, was still only be useless good for nothing.]

    [He will have Gu Xin Yan know, that things from the Shadow Moon Palace, are not fit to even carry his shoes!]

    The instant Yue Yi heard the words "little sister", he immediately stiffened.

    Zhuge Yin must have come to know the real face of Elder Yue. Every word he said had been filled with innuendos, like he was warning Yue Yi, that otherwise, that unspeakable truth would be revealed before everyone present.
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