Chapter 1695: “Wicked Intentions (3)”

    Chapter 1695: "Wicked Intentions (3)"

    Zhuge Yin must have come to know the real face of Elder Yue. Every word he said had been filled with innuendos, like he was warning Yue Yi, that otherwise, that unspeakable truth would be revealed before everyone present.

    Yue Yi did not care if his own reputation fell into tatters, but he could not make himself not care about his sister's!

    Zi Jin was going to say something for him with Yue Yi held her back with a hand placed on her shoulder. He then took one step forward, suppressing the fear he felt in his heart, to look straight at Zhuge Yin.

    "I understand what the Young Lord Zhuge means. You want me to step up onto that arena stage?"

    "That's right, I want you to be able to answer to your grandfather when you go back later. I am just concerned about you." Zhuge Yin laughed, highly arrogantly.

    "Then Yue Yi would have to thank Young Lord Zhuge for his kindness." Yue Yi said before drawing in a deep breath. Giving Zi Jin a reassuring glance, Yue Yi then turned himself around resolutely, to walk up onto the stage under the numerous curious stares upon him.

    Upon the stage, two disciples with indigo spirits were actually battling each other in a very close fight. They were completely unaware of the turmoil that happened off the stage when they suddenly discovered that a astoundingly quick figure had appeared right them between in a flash.

    A pair of arms suddenly pushed the two youths apart in the thick of battle, the dominating strength rendering the two youths helpless against it. In a blink, they found that they had been pushed right off the stage!

    At the moment that the two youths fell off the stage, they still did not know what had actually happened till the sore ache that shot through their bodies caused them to snap awake. The immediately stood up in furious rage, to glare at Yue Yi who was standing alone up on the stage.

    "Filthy scoundrel! What are you doing! ?"

    "Damn it! Are you asking for death! ?"

    The two disciples berated fiercely, impossibly infuriated. But Yue Yi who stood up upon the stage did not pay their shouting any heed but just stood there coldly with his good looking countenance, his gaze sweeping over everyone before he looked at Zhuge Yin standing among the crowd.

    This, was the result that Zhuge Yin seeked to see.

    "My humble name is Yue Yi, I ask for all of you to give me some pointers." Yue Yi turned his gaze back, to clasp a hand over his fist in polite greeting.

    The two youths who had been pushed off the stage by Yue Yi, immediately wanted to rush up to teach that pretty boy who didn't know the rules a good lesson.

    But as Yue Yi bent his back to offer his greeting, purple coloured spirit energy enveloped Yue Yi's entire body!

    Purple Spirit!

    The Purple Spirit's spirit glow was just absolutely blinding under the sun. The two disciples who had wanted to rush up onto the stage immediately froze in their tracks, not daring to take another single step forward.

    Who would have ever thought that this youth from the Shadow Moon Palace who kept such a low profile would suddenly exhibit the powers of a Purple Spirit! ?

    The Shadow Moon Palace did not stand out among the Twelve Palaces and most of the guests who came to the Pure Grace Palace this time were mostly only young youths. At their age, to be able to attain the level of the Purple Spirit, it would mean they possessed almost Heaven defying gift. Even for the Flame Demons Palace, among the youths they sent here, only Qiao Chu was the lone Purple Spirit.

    It could very well be imagined, to someone at Yue Yi's age, what the powers of a Purple Spirit really stood for!

    Yue Yi straightened up his body to stand there, his face without the slightest trace of self absorbed pride nor flaunting pretentiously. He stood quietly upon the stage, to await the challenge of others.

    The two disciples who had wanted to find trouble with him earlier slunk back into the shadows, not daring to make a sound. How could their puny little indigo spirits ever hope to vie to reign with a Purple Spirit? Wouldn't that be asking for torment upon themselves! ?

    "Yue Yi possesses great gift as expected. The powers of a Purple Spirit is rather rare." The voice of Zhuge Yin rang out once again as he came walking out from within the crowd, laughing as he stared at Yue Yi up on the stage.

    "Since no one is willing to go up and exchange some pointers with you, then I will have to practice a little together with Young Master Yue." As he spoke, Zhuge Yin stamped off on his feet, to leap up as he flew right onto the stage!
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