Chapter 1696: “Wicked Intentions (4)”

    Chapter 1696: "Wicked Intentions (4)"

    Yue Yi looked at Zhuge Yin through narrowed eyes as he sneered inside his heart. [What a great show of modesty and reluctance. If he still could not see that Zhuge Yin had set him up for this, he must be a moron!]

    But in order to seal up Zhuge Yin's mouth, Yue Yi had no choice but to do it.

    Below the stage, everyone had gathered around. The earlier battles had many of them think them dull and uninteresting but the current one was greatly different.

    Yue Yi with his Purple Spirit powers against the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, Zhuge Yin would definitely be a show not to be missed.

    Yue Yi's reputation was not widely known but it was different for Zhuge Yin. As the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, the disciples from the other palaces would have heard of him before.

    Zhuge Yin was not only the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, he was always known to be the most powerful person among the Twelve Palaces' younger generation in that year.

    Before the last Battle of Deities was held when Qiao Chu and his companions had not yet exhibited their astounding powers, it could be said that Zhuge Yin had reigned over them all. No matter how mighty the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace were, not a single one of their descendents could match up to Zhuge Yin's prodigious gift. Zhuge Yin had then naturally become the Dragon Slayers Palace's pride, revered by countless.

    In that year, Zhuge Yin had only been sixteen when he broke through to attain the Purple Spirit, which could be said to have surpassed innumerable youths of his age. Now that six years had passed, his powers had only continued to grow and had not reduced!

    The ruckus around the stage had immediately attracted the attention of Gu Xin Yan and Gu Xin Yan's brows creased up as she stared at Zhuge Yin who was faced off with Yue Yi standing upon the stage. With her intelligence, she had naturally immediately realized that her highly distracted gaze earlier had brought this disaster upon Yue Yi.

    The Shadow Moon Palace had never attracted much of people's notice at all and if not for the attention she had focused on them earlier, why would Zhuge Ying bother to go pick a fight with the Shadow Moon Palace?

    But now, Yue Yi had already been forced to go onto the stage and even if Gu Xin Yan wanted to say something to reverse the situation, there was already nothing much she could do. The arena stage would naturally have the arena's rules and nobody could interfere with them. Even if she managed to rescue him off the stage, it would surely not end on a good note.

    Afterall, with so many pairs of eyes on the arena stage, if Yue Yi backed down without a fight, then not only would he be completely humiliated, even the Shadow Moon Palace's reputation would be trampled into the mud.

    Gu Xin Yan secretly blamed herself for not being able to control her own emotions earlier, which had invite so much trouble for others.

    Standing down below the battle platform, was the equally nervous Zi Jin. But when Zi Jin saw the purple coloured spirit glow upon Yue Yi's body, that nervousness then abated slightly, her heart holding on to that one fortunate turn of events. Yue Yi had not reveal his powers before Zi Jin before this and she had had no idea what level Yue Yi's powers had been at. But with his powers at the Purple Spirit level, it wouldn't turn out to be all that bad or bring them too much trouble even though he had gone up onto the arena stage.

    "Young Master Yue, please give me some pointers." Zhuge Yin said as he clasped his hand over his fist. The words coming out from his mouth were extremely polite, but his slightly raised chin and that haughty demeanor of his betrayed the contempt he felt for Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi cupped his hand over his fist in greeting, his eyes wary.

    A corner of Zhuge Yin's mouth lifted and at the same moment his hands came down, the purple coloured spirit glow around his body flared a more brilliant purple!

    The Purple Spirit first stage!

    Although the Purple Spirit first stage was just one level higher than people who have just broken through to the Purple Spirit, the difference with that one single level was equivalent to that between Heaven and earth!

    After one stepped into the realm of the Purple Spirit, the advancement every single level brought them, was a unbridgeable chasm.

    After everyone realized the true extent of Zhuge Yin's powers, everything suddenly dawned upon them. No wonder Zhuge Yin had gone up onto the stage to challenge Yue Yi so confidently. It was because he held such high dominating power!
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