Chapter 1697: “Wicked Intentions (5)”

    Chapter 1697: "Wicked Intentions (5)"

    After Yue Yi saw Zhuge Yin's real powers, he was still not the least bit surprised, but merely a kind of understanding. He had tried to probe out Zhuge Yin's powers before but he had not been able to see it clearly. The only possibility for that to happen was that Zhuge Yin's powers were above his own.

    And Zhuge Yi had walked into the stage so highly naturally, and it had been after Yue Yi exhibited his powers. Such confidence already revealed enough information to him.

    "Your powers and mine do not differ by all that much and I would think that this match would surely be rather interesting." Zhuge Yin said with a smile.

    This words must be an absolute joke!

    A Purple Spirit in its infancy and a Purple Spirit at the first stage though looked to be rather similar, but in fact, the disparity between them was a chasm wider than that between a Purple Spirit and an indigo spirit! And Zhuge Yin could still unabashedly claim their powers did not differ by much, that really was the biggest joke!

    Zi Jin's heart which had just barely calmed down a little immediately jumped up once again upon witnessing Zhuge Yin's power!

    With Yue Yi's level of power, it was completely inadequate to take on Zhuge Yin. Zhuge Yin's endless taunts earlier, with all the many words he said, were all just to force Yue Yi upon the arena stage, to give him a right and proper reason to deal Yue Yi a vicious blow!

    "Looking forward to your advice." Yue Yi sighed inwardly, but took up a guarded stance.

    A sliver of viciousness came into the smile at the corners of Zhuge Yin's lips as he morphed into a streak of light, flying at great speed to charge straight towards Yue Yi!

    The higher one's powers was, the faster they would be. With the power levels those youths below the stage possessed, their eyes were unable to keep up with the speed of a Purple Spirit at all. All they could see was at the instant the figure of Zhuge Yin turned into a streak of light, Yue Yi had moved as well. Up upon the stage before their eyes, they could no longer see clearly what was really happening, but just two purple coloured light streaks clashing against each other continuously!

    The force erupting from the clash between Purple Spirits spilled over into the area surrounding the arena stage like rolling waves crashing upon the crowd.

    Caught up within that intense battle, a group of youths could not hold themselves back but to cry out!

    This was what they had been looking forward to. The might of the Purple Spirit!

    The youths who could not even see the battle clearly broke into a raucous roar in excitement.

    But within the sea of people, several people saw everything clearly with their eyes.

    Rong Ruo stood at the back of the crowd, her gaze directed upon the arena stage. With her level of power, wanting to see through Zhuge Yin's and Yue Yi's speed wasn't all that difficult, but the clearer she could see, the more her heart cringed with worry!

    Upon the stage, Zhuge Yin was like teasing his prey, striking from all around at Yue Yi, bolts of spirit light shooting out from Zhuge Yin's hands, landing hits upon Yue Yi's body one after another. Those strikes imbued with spirit power looked fleeting and light but no matter where they hit, that heart rending pain was enough to knock one unconscious!

    "What a cruel and malicious mind." Rong Ruo whispered to herself through narrowed eyes, her eyes filling with a trace of rage.

    Zhuge Yin's method of attack was not unfamiliar to Rong Ruo. It was done by forcibly compressing one's Purple Spirit into compacted force form and its attack did not look powerful. But the terrifying thing about that compressed spirit power was that it would not leave a single external trace upon one's clothes or skin upon impact but its power had already instantly spread into the flesh and bones underneath at the point of contact.

    It wouldn't break the skin but its power was strong enough to break the bones under one's skin, capable of rupturing a person's internal organs, taking one's life with having them suffer any damage externally!

    Yue Yi kept on defending and although he tried very hard to dodge some of the attacks, the number of those bolts of spirit power landing upon his body were becoming more and more!
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