Chapter 1698: “Wicked Intentions (6)”

    Chapter 1698: "Wicked Intentions (6)"

    The bolts of spirit power striking Yue Yi's body looked like they just brushed fleetingly upon him but as the colour gradually faded from Yue Yi's face and as his movements grew more stiff, Rong Ruo became certain that Zhuge Yin's attacks had caused Yue Yi highly severe internal injuries!

    And Zhuge Yin seemed dead intent on slowly tormenting Yue Yi with his attacks striking only non vital areas, but in places that would cause his opponent intense pain.

    Zhuge Yin admired the work he had wrecked upon Yue Yi in satisfaction as the pallor on his face began to look worse and worse. He suddenly moved himself in close to Yue Yi and executed a palm strike upon Yue Yi's left shoulder blade!

    A sharp crack was then heard.

    Yue Yi's shoulder blade immediately shattered. But from the outside, there wasn't a single wound.

    But that excruciating and heart wrenching pain caused Yue Yi to immediately be bathed in cold sweat in that instant, his pale white lips stiffened over tightly clenched teeth, the corners of his mouth trembling with unbearable pain.

    "Kid, are you really such a tough nut? You're really not uttered a single cry?" Zhuge Yin asked with a laugh as he looked at Yue Yi almost at the end of his tethers, pausing in his attacks for the moment.

    Upon the arena stage, people could finally see the two figures clearly.

    They did not know why Yue Yi suddenly looked so pale and his body seemed to be swaying a little whereas Zhuge Yin looked exactly just like he had before.

    But none of them could see a single wound upon Yue Yi's body so why did Yue Yi look like he had sustained heavy injuries?

    "Is this enough?" Yue Yi asked as he clenched his jaws tight, not allowing himself to cry out from pain. He bit down on his teeth so hard his gums bled and a bloody taste filled up the inside of his mouth.

    Zhuge Yin was not seeking to exchange pointers with him at all. His really intention was just to torment himself.

    Yue Yi had come to understand Zhuge Yin's motives but he did not know how he had offended Zhuge Yin to have brought such disaster to fall upon him.

    Zhuge Yin gazed at Yue Yi for a long moment before a chill glint flashed sinisterly in his eyes. Zhuge Yin then said in feigned shock: "Is Young Master Yue looking down on me? Having just executed a few perfunctory moves and you're already calling it quits? Don't you think you're belittling me too hastily? I am really sincere in sparring with Young Master Yue seriously here."

    Yue Yi's brows creased up, his stare fixed straight upon Zhuge Yin.

    All his internal organs had been stirred up to bunch together by Zhuge Yin's bolts of spirit power and his shoulder blade shattered. If he did not force himself to remain standing with all his might, he would have collapsed to the ground and not be able to stand up anymore. And what made all of it even worse, was though he was already so severely injured, everyone all around him were not able to see it at all on the outside.

    In the eyes of the youths below the stage, he would really be seen as one just like Zhuge Yin had claimed, who just wanted to get the matter over and done with halfheartedly!

    Not knowing that just standing there was already taking every single ounce of strength he could muster!

    "Zhuge Yin, you do you really want to do! ?" Yue Yi asked as the cold sweat dripped onto the ground from his clothes, wetting the ground around where he stood but no one noticed anything.

    Zhuge Yin continued to laugh as he looked at Yue Yi. "Young Master Yue, there's no need to get angry. I am merely hoping for you to perform well here today so you can answer to your grandfather properly when you return to the Shadow Moon Palace. You must know this. The glory that you gain, will not just be yours alone but it will surely affect the status you hold in Elder Yue's heart, and..... that of your little sister's I think....."

    Zhuge Yin's eyes stared at Yue Yi like those of a venomous viper, his words pushing Yue Yi further into a place of eternal damnation!

    His little sister.....

    Was Yue Yi's most critical and lethal vital point!

    Yue Yi wished for nothing more than to be able to tear Zhuge Yin to a million pieces, but he had no choice but to endure that surge of hatred within him.
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