Chapter 1699: “Wicked Intentions (7)”

    Chapter 1699: "Wicked Intentions (7)"

    Yue Yi wished for nothing more than to be able to tear Zhuge Yin to a million pieces, but he had no choice but to endure that surge of hatred  within him.

    He could not allow Zhuge Yin to say a single word of what he was not supposed to say. Otherwise..... His little sister would be finished.

    Once that matter was exposed, Elder Yue would definitely silence people, and kill his little sister.

    "Then I will have to thank..... Young Lord Zhuge for his kind intentions....." Yue Yi said after drawing a deep breath, and then slowly raising his head up, his sweat soaked hair plastered to the side of his face, outlining the handsome youthful face.

    He suddenly lifted a trembling hand up, to exert a forceful strike upon his shattered shoulder blade!

    He had actually summoned his spirit powers to forcibly severe the meridians and veins around his shoulder, which would finally bring him relief from that agonizing pain.

    Such a firm and resolute method, caused even Zhuge Yin to be startled a while. Seeing the flash of burning resolve in Yue Yi's light coloured eyes, Zhuge Yin suddenly broke into laughter.

    "This should be the way. That's how we should play it before the game can get more interesting."

    The crowd below the stage were completely unaware of what was happening between Zhuge Yin and Yue Yi. They were all only treating it as a sparring match that they were watching.

    However, Rong Ruo standing at the back of crowd could no longer make herself stand there and watch on any further. She had seen the resolve and finality in Yue Yi's eyes. A kind of calm when one threw all caution for his life to the winds. In just that one very single instant where no one was paying any attention to her, the figure of Rong Ruo shimmered, to quietly come to Fei Yan's side.

    Fei Yan was wrecking his brains on how he was supposed to resolve all of this when he suddenly saw Rong Ruo so close at his side, his face immediately contorting up in surprise.

    "What's happening here? Has Zhuge Yin gone mad? Why does he want to have that guy from the Shadow Moon Palace dead?" Rong Ruo asked in a whisper that could only be heard by the two of them.

    Killing someone was merely having someone's head fall to the ground. But Zhuge Yin was obviously wanting to torment Yue Yi slowly bit by bit to death.

    Fei Yan only had his mind focused on the situation at hand as well.

    "Zhuge Yin has his eye set on the Blood Fiend Palace's Gu Xin Yan but for some unknown reason, Gu Xin Yan kept looking at those two people from the Shadow Moon Palace and it was discovered by Zhuge Yin which infuriated him. That narrow minded and petty fella then went on to want this kid from the Shadow Moon Palace dead! Damn it, I cannot go up there myself now or I will make sure he does not live." Fei Yan said, his hands tightly clenched into fists. If they were not carrying a dire mission on their backs, he might not have been able to restrain himself and severely dealt with that scoundrel, Zhuge Yin right there and then!

    That fella was just too venomous!

    "Little Xie didn't come?" Rong Ruo's gaze swept over the crowd in search, but saw no sign of Jun Wu Xie at all.

    Fei Yan shook his head.

    If Jun Wu Xie was here, how could Zhuge Yin's insidious plot ever succeed?

    "I have already sent the news over through the jade token and I don't know whether Little Xie would be able to know what I meant." Fei Yan was feeling a little nervous about it. The jade token could only transmit one character and he could only write the character for "arena". Yue Yi was someone who was linked to Jun Wu Xie afterall and they could not very well just stand there to see Yue Yi being tormented to death by Zhuge Yin!

    "That guy from the Shadow Moon Palace must have some handle grasped by Zhuge Yin against him. I saw that he had no intentions of stepping onto the arena stage at all earlier and it was Zhuge Yin's words that forced him to go up there." Rong Ruo's brows were creased up tightly together. Truth to be told, Yue Yi possessed quite good gift and being only seventeen, he had already broken through to the Purple Spirit. That was a five year gap against Zhuge Yin and if they were the same age, Zhuge Yin might not even be a match for Yue Yi at all.

    But Yue Yi was still younger at this moment and Zhuge Yin possessed a handle against him. Up upon that arena stage, Yue Yi would not dare to fight with everything he had, but had fallen into a situation where he could do nothing but swallow the blows.
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