Chapter 1700: “Wicked Intentions (8)”

    Chapter 1700: "Wicked Intentions (8)"

    "That should be the case. The Dragon Slayers Palace seemed to hold quite a number of secrets of quite a number of the other palaces." Fei Yan said with a nod of his head.

    Rong Ruo was silent for a moment before she said: "We need to get Little Xie to come here as soon as possible or it will be too late." The few of them here were hidden stakes secretly installed into the various palaces and it was impossible for them to step forth to show their faces in this situation. Rong Ruo's gaze then turned to once again fall upon the figure of Zi Jin.

    Zi Jin's power wasn't all that strong and she wouldn't understand the intrigue that was happening on that arena stage even after seeing it. But she saw that the pallor on Yue Yi's face was turning uglier and uglier and she could not help but felt worry rise up in her heart, not knowing what to do.

    Just as Zi Jin was feeling completely flustered, a voice suddenly rang out right behind her.

    "If you want to save Yue Yi, then go get your Fifth Junior here."

    That voice had sounded out very suddenly and Zi Jin was slightly startled upon hearing it. She turned her head back quickly but behind her back was only the same group of youths immersed in the excitement, where it was impossible for her to ascertain from who that voice had come from.

    [Junior Fifth.....]

    [Young Master Jun.....]

    The mystifying fog within Zi Jin's highly chaotic heart was seemingly parted by that voice, that let in a ray of light.

    [Young Master Jun can save Yue Yi!]

    Zi Jin couldn't care less about anything else as she raised up the hem of her skirt to run out away from the crowd.

    In the instant that Zi Jin left, the figure of Yue Yi suddenly appeared from within the purple streak of light, his movements forcefully interrupted as his tall slender frame was struck to flip onto the ground, falling heavily upon the arena stage's hard floor with a dull impactful thud.

    "Young Master Yue, it won't do if you're just being so slipshod about it." Zhuge Yin said as if he had triumphed, walking slowly to come right before Yue Yi, to stare at the figure lying on the floor as he clutched at his abdomen, unable to get up anymore, his eyes filled with disdain like he was looking at a pile of trash.

    Yue Yi's body was curled up tightly, unmoving upon the floor with his jaws tightly clenched and the colour of his face turning a horrendous shade.

    His insides felt as if they had been stirred up madly with a blade, the agonizing pain driving his mind a complete blank.

    Compared to the sorry figure that Yue Yi was at that moment, not even the corners of Zhuge Yin's clothes were showing a crease.

    Zhuge Yin patted the dust off his clothes as he looked at Yue Yi indifferently.

    "Indeed a person groomed by Elder Yue himself. How could you be so stubborn? I haven't even heard a cry come out from you." Zhuge Yin said with his eyes narrowed and filled with a sinister glint.

    Yue Yi did not move at all, fallen to the ground, his ears filled with an endless hum, unable to hear anything.

    He remained lying upon the arena stage, the subject of scorn as the gazes of merciless ridicule from the youths wrecked upon his wretched body.

    [Purple Spirit?]

    [So what if it's a Purple Spirit?]

    [Isn't he just as defenceless here?]

    "The Shadow Moon Palace really is as bad as was thought. With both being Purple Spirits, Yue Yi is completely not a match for Zhuge Yin at all."

    "No need to mention being a match, I think he was not even able to retaliate at all! How humiliating."

    The youths criticised heatedly below the stage.

    "All of you shut those damned mouths of yours!" An angry shout exploded from behind that group of youths.

    The tongue waggers immediately turned to look nervously in the direction the voice had sounded, and they saw that the face of Qiao Chu from the Flame Demons Palace had already turned so dark that he looked absolutely terrifying, his entire being giving out such a menacing and murderous aura that no one dared to even stand near him.

    "Qiao..... Qiao Chu..... What..... What happened to you? ?" Even the other disciples from the Flame Demons Palace had almost jumped out of their boots from that shout.

    [It's just a dogfight between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Shadow Moon Palace, what has gotten you so riled?]

    Qiao Chu forced the burning rage within his chest down, his face dark as he said: "You bunch of fools are in the way of me enjoying the show."
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