Chapter 1701: “Your Great Lord’s (1)”

    Chapter 1701: "Your Great Lord's (1)"

    The bunch of youths did not dare to utter another sound. They did not have the guts to go provoke Qiao Chu, the highly revered Buddha idol. They all knew this entity that was bigger than life from the Flame Demons Palace had a rather bad temper. Added to that, with the status the Flame Demons Palace held among the Twelve Palaces, finding one person who dared ruffle Qiao Chu's feathers among them would really be hard.

    "Ay! I'll say, that one from the Dragon Slayers Palace! Are you done already or not! ? Don't you think you've hogged that stage long enough? Don't just stand there damn it, you're in the way of me going up there. You either get your sorry behind moving and continue the fight or get lost from there!" Qiao Chu raised up his head and hollered without holding back towards the arena stage, at Zhuge Yin who had inflicted such violent injuries upon Yue Yi.

    Qiao Chu had already spotted Fei Yan's and Rong Ruo's actions earlier and he had similarly received the message from Fei Yan upon his jade token, hence Jun Wu Xie should be arriving here any time soon. What Qiao Chu wanted to do now, was to allow Yue Yi to last till Jun Wu Xie comes, or Yue Yi would surely have to leave his life behind here with Zhuge Yin's venomous ways.

    Zhuge Yin's eyebrows creased up slightly as he looked at Qiao Chu who had hollered at him from among the crowd. Seeing the Flame Demons Palace's uniform upon Qiao Chu's body, his eyes flashed with a glint of displeasure. He suddenly stomped a foot onto Yue Yi's back, the hard kick causing Yue Yi to vomit a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

    "Is there a need for this friend to be so anxious? My match with Young Master Yue has not ended yet. Once it ends, you will naturally be allowed to come on up." Zhuge Yin opened his mouth to say grandly.

    Qiao Chu cursed inwardly on how despicable Zhuge Yin was. Anyone there would be able to see that Yue Yi's situation obviously showed he was already on his last gasps and would not be able to get back up to continue to battle. But Zhuge Yin was instead blatantly lying through his teeth, wanting to prolong this battle indefinitely when its winner could already be clearly seen.

    "Don't prattle on and yap that tongue of yours at me. I'm not interested in seeing you train a dog here. Bullying the weak makes you feel so good? The ways of the Dragon Slayers Palace are just pure tyranny." Qiao Chu retorted with sarcasm, skillfully hiding his intentions behind the dissatisfaction the Flame Demons Palace always had for the Dragon Slayers Palace.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace were slightly closer in relations to the Blood Fiend Palace and this caused the Flame Demons Palace who were seeking to take the reigning top spot to be rather displeased with them, hence Qiao Chu's insulting words did not really attract any suspicion from people.

    When talking about tyranny, among the Twelve Palaces, which one of the palaces could compare to the Flame Demons Palace in might?

    Having a disciple from the Flame Demons Palace not wanting anyone else from another palace to do as he please before his eyes would easily be seen as something most natural.

    Qiao Chu's words were rather insulting which made Zhuge Yin's face change slightly in colour. But he was still not yet satisfied with his humiliation and torment of Yue Yi. Then..... Zhuge Yue Yi's gaze then passed fleetingly over the figure of Gu Xin Yan below the stage.

    Zhuge Yin's father had always seeked to have them latch on to the Blood Fiend Palace's big thigh and this time he had planned to have Zhuge Yin get close to Gu Xin Yan. If this had happened at another time, Zhuge Yin might have restrained himself somewhat due to the qualms he was feeling from the pressure being exerted by the Flame Demons Palace, but with the way things stood at that moment, wasn't this the best opportunity for him to state his stand in front of the Blood Fiend Palace?

    With that thought in mind, the frustration in Zhuge Yin's eyes was immediately swept completely aside. He raised his chin up slightly in defiance, to look at Qiao Chu haughtily.

    "The arena has its rules and since no one has admitted defeat between me and Young Master Yue, nor has anyone between us fallen off the stage, that would naturally mean that the match has not yet ended. If our friend from the Flame Demons Palace thinks that there is something wrong with this, you can very well go ask people from the Pure Grace Palace and see what the rules for this arena really are like. With this match, both Young Master Yue and I have not yet carried it to a conclusion, so how can it end prematurely?" As he spoke, the foot stepping upon Yue Yi's waist exerted another ounce of strength and Yue Yi let out a low grunt.
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