Chapter 1702: “Your Great Lord’s (2)”

    Chapter 1702: "Your Great Lord's (2)"

    Zhuge Yin's ways made quite a number of people unable to stand him but no one dared to go against Zhuge Yin directly head to head, as he was afterall still the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord.

    The colour of Qiao Chu's face turned a ugly shade as he looked at Yue Yi who was pale as a sheet and was trapped under Zhuge Yin's foot, his eyes turning sinister.

    [No one admitted defeat?]

    Yue Yi did not even possess the strength to say a single word so how was he supposed to be able to admit defeat? And Zhuge Yin had his foot stepping upon Yue Yi, completely denying Yue Yi any opportunity of escaping from the stage, which obviously showed that he wanted to have Yue Yi die on that stage!

    Zhuge Yin's despicable shamelessness made Qiao Chu hate the fact that he could not rush up there immediately to shred up that contemptible and obnoxious face. But the remaining shreds of rationality in his mind told him that him having spoken up was already the furthest extent he could go and if he really struck Zhuge Yin, he might very well arouse the suspicion of the other Flame Demon Palace's disciples.

    Held down by his current identity, Qiao Chu could only force himself to swallow back the rage within him, his heart secretly yearning for Jun Wu Xie to come.

    The atmosphere around the arena stage turned strange. The people there were not completely dumb. They could see that the match between Zhuge Yin and Yue Yi had already gone beyond the normal boundaries of a regular match. After Zhuge Yin gained an overwhelming domination over his opponent, he had not stopped himself but had carried it on too far, severing all of Yue Yi's avenues of retreat, to hold him restrained upon the stage.

    Before everyone's faces, Zhuge Yin acted like he would to a completely defenceless prey, raising his foot up continuously to stomp upon Yue Yi's body.

    The sharp cracks that sounded from bones reaching their ears, made all their skin crawl.

    Yue Yi's handsome face was already black and blue, his nose bridge broken by the stomp of Zhuge Yin's foot, the white of the bone exposed under the wound, with blood flowing out freely to spill all over onto the ground.

    Gu Xin Yan was feeling rather suffocated in her chest. In truth, as the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace, any conflict between the other palaces would be beneficial and of no disadvantage to her. Only when the other palaces were caught up in chaos, would the Blood Fiend Palace have the chance to rise and stand out.

    But at that moment, her head was driven to throbbing pain by that thick and pungent stench of blood assaulting her senses.

    "Go get one of the Pure Grace Palace's Elders here." Gu Xin Yan drew in a deep breath and spoke softly into the ear of a disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace beside her.

    The disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace then looked in puzzlement at Gu Xin Yan. "Young Miss, you are....."

    Gu Xin Yan forced a feigned calm as she said: "The Dragon Slayers Palace intends to drag us into this. It would not only make us an enemy of the Shadow Moon Palace but he's also provoking people from the Flame Demons Palace. We can allow him to continue to act so wilfully." Gu Xin Yan could see what kind of thoughts Zhuge Yin had in mind and by hook or by crook, she would not allow Zhuge Yin to have it his way.

    "But would the people from the Pure Grace Palace..... even dare to interfere?" The disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace asked, a little wary. No matter what, Zhuge Yin was still the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord afterall and the Pure Grace Palace might fear being caught in between.

    Gu Xin Yan then replied: "The Pure Grace Palace will never allow any disciple to lose his life within the territories under their command or they would be hard pressed to be able to answer for it."

    All these people from the Twelve Palaces were gathered here to celebrate the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday and if any of them were to lose their lives within the Pure Grace Palace's territories, regardless of who the culprit was, the Pure Grace Palace would still have to answer for it to the other palaces.

    As long as the people from the Pure Grace Palace were not complete idiots, they would definitely want to prevent something like this from happening.

    The disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace nodded, and immediately ran out from the crowd.

    Up on the arena stage, Zhuge Yin continued non stop with his torment of Yue Yi. Seeing the wretched state that Yue Yi was in, the smile at the corners of his lips deepened.
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