Chapter 1704: “Your Great Lord’s (4)”

    Chapter 1704: "Your Great Lord's (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie had immediately realized that things had gone wrong and came rushing over. She had coincidentally bumped into the highly flustered Zi Jin and that was how she came to know that something big had happened here at the arena.

    On this trip to the Pure Grace Palace, Jun Wu Xie had only intended to manipulate the scene from behind and had not expected that a Zhuge Yin would come crashing in unexpectedly like a rabid dog to bite upon Yue Yi so tenaciously. Looking at the wounds upon Yue Yi, it was obvious that Zhuge Yin sought to kill him and if she had come just half a moment later, she would really not be have the powers to resurrect him!

    Such a sudden and unforeseeable turn of events, caught Jun Wu Xie by surprise.

    The Shadow Moon Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace had never antagonized each other and Yue Yi had never ever crossed paths with Zhuge Yin before. Why would Zhuge Yin suddenly turn his sight upon Yue Yi?

    On this point, Jun Wu Xie had thought about it countless times on her way here but had not been able to come up with any plausible conclusion. But when she came walking to the side of the arena stage and saw the wretched state that Yue Yi was in, that bewilderment no longer called for a reason for it!

    Zhuge Yin was just courting death!

    "What do I mean?" Jun Wu Xie raised her head up to look into the gaze of Zhuge Yin which wanted to eat her alive. Her eyes were frosty with an icy glint as she said: "Just because the Dragon Slayers Palace is mighty and they can inflict such grievous harm upon people with such recklessness? Needless to mention that the one up against you today on the arena platform is a disciple of our Shadow Moon Palace, even if he belonged to any one of the other palaces, we are supposed to allow him to be toyed or killed as you wish? Or skinned if you will it? If I should be allowed to ask, who would dare to harm a hair on the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace? Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, if you are feeling so unbearably bored and seek to release the blood of others, you can jolly well ask directly and this disciple of our Shadow Moon Palace would be handed over to deal with as you wish, with us left lamenting of nothing else, but just the fact that the Shadow Moon Palace could never be compared to the Dragon Slayers Palace."

    Jun Wu Xie's words were put out in a light tone of voice, and did not plead for mercy for Yue Yi, but was instead honestly saying that they would leave Yue Yi for Zhuge Yin to deal with as he fancied, to kill even if he so wished.

    When those words came out, everyone there was stunned.

    Having thought that getting Jun Wu here would save Yue Yi, Zi Jin immediately froze up in shock. She stared with utter disbelief upon Jun Wu's back, unable to comprehend why Jun Wu would suddenly say such words.

    [Didn't..... she come here to save Yue Yi?]

    Zi Jin's eyes bulged widem and the youths all around were all stunned into speechlessness at Jun Wu's highly shocking words.

    But only the man standing behind Jun Wu had his eyes still smiling, as they stared straight at the back of that tiny figure in front of him.

    [The little one, is about to flip out.]

    Zhuge Yin was similarly startled by Jun Wu's words. He had thought that Jun Wu had stepped forward coming to save Yue Yi and had never thought that the kid would be so weak to fear his position as the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, and be willing to see with their own eyes one of their fellow disciples dying tragically at his hands, not even daring to say a word in plea.

    His hatred towards Jun Wu suddenly turned into a source of pride in Zhuge Yin's vain heart. He subconsciously looked towards Gu Xin Yan, wishing that Gu Xin Yan could see just how spineless and weak the kid from the Shadow Moon Palace really was.

    As expected, the gaze that Gu Xin Yan looked at Jun Wu with was highly perplexed, her brows creased up together.

    Gu Xin Yan's reaction further filled Zhuge Yin's heart with glee and he turned to look at Jun Wu, haughty arrogance showing unbridled in his eyes.

    "Kid, at least you are able to see things clearly and know what's good for you. But how could the Shadow Moon Palace have managed to rear such useless pieces of trash like all of you? Seeing one of your own fellow disciples in my hands, you do not even dare to say a single word to beg for his life? Kid, why don't I give you a choice? You only need to kneel down on the ground now and kowtow three times before me to make me spare Yue Yi. What do you say to that?"
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