Chapter 1705: “Torture One’s Heart Over Killing Him (1)”

    Chapter 1705: "Torture One's Heart Over Killing Him (1)"

    Zhuge Yin did not want to kill off Yue Yi so quickly. With Yue Yi in hand, he would have many opportunities to humiliate Jun Wu Xie!

    If Jun Wu Xie were to really kneel down and kowtow to beg in order to save Yue Yi, then Zhuge Yin would have achieved his aim of humiliating Jun Wu Xie. At the same time, it would let Gu Xin Yan see clearly just how weak and useless Jun Wu Xie really was.

    And if Jun Wu Xie chose not to save Yue Yi, Zhuge Yin wouldn't mind it as well. As being a despicable cad who was willing to forego a fellow disciple's life just to preserve one's own pride would naturally make him the target that everyone would despise.

    It could be said, that from the moment Zhuge Yin tossed out that offer, he wasn't worried in the least whether Jun Wu Xie chose or not.

    Because to him, no matter what Jun Wu Xie's choice was, the resulting effect would be the same!

    A spineless weakling, and also a selfish cad despised by people. This was the conundrum that Zhuge Yin has thrown Jun Wu Xie into.

    The youths surrounding them were already caught up in heated discussion. They didn't know what could have possessed Zhuge Yin to suddenly pit himself so strongly against these two people from the Shadow Moon Palace, where he had not only wounded Yue Yi so severely, but was also presently making things difficult for Jun Wu Xie.

    Some of them were even beginning to sympathize with the disciples from the Shadow Moon Palace. Seeing them being bullied and humiliated so badly, but helpless to retaliate in the slightest, really startled quite a number of them.

    Jun Wu Xie's frosty eyes fell upon Zhuge Yin, gradually filling up with a sneer.

    [This fella really doesn't hold his mouth.]

    Thick murderous aura was already wafting over from behind Jun Wu Xie as a voice filled with mirth sounded.

    "Can kill this one?" The man standing behind Jun Wu Xie asked, in a voice that only the two of them could hear right beside Jun Wu Xie's ear, his jet black pair of eyes looking fixedly at Zhuge Yin immersed in glee.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    For things like this, she preferred to do it himself!

    "Before Young Lord Zhuge, how could the Shadow Moon Palace possibly have other routes to choose?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly opened her mouth to say. "People throughout the lands know that the might of the Dragon Slayers Palace are below that of only the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace, and we are even more aware of Young Lord Zhuge's prodigious gift from young, his powers one of the most outstanding among the Twelve Palaces' younger generation. Without mentioning how gifted Young Lord Zhuge is, with just the fact that you are the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, I believe that among the Twelve Palaces, besides people from the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace, disciples from the other palaces would not have the right to say no to you. Whether you kill Yue Yi today, or spare him in the end, will be decided according to your fancies. How could we possibly have a choice in this?"

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly threw the question back to Zhuge Yin.

    Everyone hearing Jun Wu Xie's words, felt thick waves of helplessness washing over them, feeling highly powerless.

    Those words from that voice fell faintly into their ears, but seeped right into their hearts.

    [That's right, the might of the Dragon Slayers Palace is becoming stronger and stronger. Besides the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace, no one could match up to them at all. And with Zhuge Yin being the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, even when up onto that arena stage, who from the other palaces would really go all out against him in the competition?

    At that moment, the youths who were there watching the drama suddenly had a spark of worry ignited within their hearts.

    They had never heard that there was any conflict between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Shadow Moon Palace before this and had definitely not heard a single word about any dispute between Zhuge Yin and Yue Yi. But it was exactly these two people from those entirely separate powers who never had anything to do with each other before having their fates forcibly dragged to twine up together here this day.

    Zhuge Yin's tyranny and his coercion of Yue Yi before this was witnessed by everyone there. They had not thought much about it before, but giving it another thought now, they suddenly broke out in cold sweat!
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