Chapter 1706: “Torture One’s Heart Over Killing Him (2)”

    Chapter 1706: "Torture One's Heart Over Killing Him (2)"

    Zhuge Yin's tyranny and his coercion of Yue Yi before this was witnessed by everyone there. They had not thought much about it before, but giving it another thought now, they suddenly broke out in cold sweat!

    On a whim, Zhuge Yin had dragged in the Shadow Moon Palace to face death today. Tomorrow, would it then be their turn?

    Among the disciples of the Twelve Palaces, excluding the disciples from the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace, that thought sank into their mind and they all felt an impending sense of danger loom over their heads.

    The fact that the Twelve Palaces were actually at odds with each other under the surface but they all usually refrained from causing too big a scene before people. However, Zhuge Yin had intentionally cornered and made things difficult for Yue Yi right before everyone here today, and was even going to kill him. It was clear for them to see, that Zhuge Yin had decided to shed that cloth covering the embarrassing situation among the Twelve Palaces on his own accord!

    Such arrogant behaviour, had never even been seen from the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace before.

    Zhuge Yin's actions had stepped beyond the illusion of cordiality the Twelve Palaces had always maintained between themselves for so many years, which was just outrageous!

    Only when they all felt danger upon them, did everyone hearts stop feeling so relaxed.

    Disciples from the palaces whose might could not match the Dragon Slayers Palace, felt the chill creep into their hearts. They would still need to remain here in the Pure Grace Palace together with Zhuge Yin for quite a period and it might just be one person from the Shadow Moon Palace who fell into misfortune, but it could very well be one of their own tomorrow!

    At that moment, the eyes of the disciples below the stage turned highly wary, all the gazes staring at Zhuge Yin no longer just showing curiosity but were instead filled with wariness and a strong intense dislike.

    The atmosphere in there suddenly changed, and the heated voices of debate rose once again.

    "The Dragon Slayers Palace has already shown their sheer arrogance to such an extent! Isn't anyone going to stop him at all?"

    "The one up there is the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace. He can kill whoever he fancies. Those two guys from the Shadow Moon Palace are just so pitiful, pressed down so hard by Zhuge Yin that they are not even able to lift their heads up at all."

    "No wonder the Flame Demons Palace's Qiao Chu had thrown a fit earlier. He must have seen that Zhuge Yin was carrying things a little too far."

    "Didn't you see that Zhuge Yin had even retorted Qiao Chu without a care? Who knows to what extent the Dragon Slayers Palace had grown themselves to? They might very well think that even the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace are not worth their attention anymore."

    More and more voices rose in dissent. Holding Yue Yi hostage in his hand, the smile at the edges of Zhuge Yin's mouth gradually faded away under the dissenting voices, as his eyes flashed with sudden surprise.

    [What was happening?]

    [Why was everyone's words suddenly sounding so strange?]

    Zhuge Yin had only wanted to disparage and humiliate the Shadow Moon Palace and his rebuttal against Qiao Chu was merely a show he put up for Gu Xin Yan's benefit. Never would he have expected that what he thought, when put in practice, would instead bring about such a subtle and unexpected hint to all the youths here.

    That highly subtle hint, had immediately upon Jun Wu Xie's appearance, after just two short profound sentences, been pulled to the surface, rising within the hearts of everyone there.

    Never in his dreams would Zhuge Yin ever have thought that things would turn out like this. He looked at the gazes of all the youths staring at him, filled with strong animosity, every single pair of those eyes highly critical.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace had always been secure with their third ranked position among the Twelve Palaces. They never strove to overtake the reign from the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace while possessing sufficient might to hold the other palaces back. Such safe and conservative behaviour, was done to allow them to gain the biggest benefits from all the struggles among all the other palaces.

    But all of that, had been pricked open up with just a few words from Jun Wu Xie.

    All that had happened today, would definitely be brought back to their respective palaces by all these youths when they go back, to reach the ears of their Elders. And the position of the Dragon Slayers Palace that stood within the hearts of the other palaces would be greatly altered.

    From being a power that one did not have to guard against, to become a highly threatening enemy!
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