Chapter 1707: ““Torture One’s Heart Over Killing Him (3)”

    Chapter 1707: ""Torture One's Heart Over Killing Him (3)"

    From being a power that one did not have to guard against, to become a highly threatening enemy!

    Beat Zhuge Yin to death and he would never have thought that his own personal grievance would actually bring so much trouble onto the Dragon Slayers Palace. The smile on his face was already non existent but had been replaced with a kind of worry and unease.

    Unfortunately, Jun Wu Xie was not going to give him anymore time to even think.

    "Young Lord Zhuge. Whether you are going to kill or release him, is entirely up to you. I will wait right here for your decision." Jun Wu Xie said highly calmly, looking like "he" was awash with cold and utter despair, after having seen the situation with crystal clarity, and was wrought with pure and complete helplessness.

    Jun Wu Xie's words, had sparked worry in the hearts of many in there, and the gazes they threw upon Zhuge Yin grew sharper and sharper.

    In an instant, Zhuge Yin had suddenly been pushed into a highly awkward position.

    The stares everyone was giving him made him feel rather flustered, and his mind to go blank.

    And right at that moment, aiming just for that right instant, Fei Yan took a quick step to jump onto the arena stage, blocking himself between Zhuge Yin and Yue Yi as he stood with a wide smile before everyone.

    "It's just a misunderstanding, all a misunderstanding. There are times that a slip cannot be avoided and our Young Lord here had absolutely no intentions of making things difficult for our friend from the Shadow Moon Palace at all. Our little brother here, is there a need to make things sound so melodramatic? Our Young Lord is merely joking with you."

    Upon saying that, Fei Yan turned to look at Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin started slightly and his mind was still whirring with a faint humming. He couldn't be bothered with anything else now as the only thing on his mind now was the crisis he had brought upon the Dragon Slayers Palace with his own actions.

    It must be known that this place was filled with disciples from all the Twelve Palaces and anything that caused a stir, however small, would surely reach the ears of every single Palace Lord throughout the Twelve Palaces. Moreover, he had openly snubbed Qiao Chu from the Flame Demons Palace earlier, not giving him any face. With that, the Flame Demons Palace might very well start to think that the Dragon Slayers Palace were seeking to overtake them.

    Though unconsciously, he had planted such a bad seed for the Dragon Slayers Palace this day. That was a consequence that even Zhuge Yin would not be able to answer for!

    With Fei Yan jumping in so abruptly, Zhuge Yin's mind suddenly could not function for that moment. He could only see Fei Yan signalling at him with "her" eyes and Zhuge Yin did not have any time to think at all as he said stiffly: "It was all just a misunderstanding. I am merely playing a little with the disciple from the Shadow Moon Palace. Fei Yan, quickly help Young Master Yue over there."

    Fei Yan immediately picked up Yue Yi who had already fallen into semi consciousness, and calling out for another two disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace to carry Yue Yi off the arena stage.

    A bright garish trail of blood, following the path Yue Yi was moved, stood out blindingly red against the floor.

    "Little Brother, I am handing your Senior over to you now, so make haste and hurry on back. Do not keep today's misunderstanding in your heart as our Young Lord always like to joke around." Fei Yan came up before Jun Wu Xie and said, making a show of cordial amiability.

    Zi Jin hurried forward to hold up Yue Yi, her hands quickly becoming covered in blood from coming into contact with Yue Yi, her eyes immediately turning red rimmed.

    "Alright! This matter shall henceforth be forgotten." Fei Yan said with a laugh, showing a nonchalant indifference to everyone, as he discreetly shot a meaningful glance to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes slightly.

    After Yue Yi was carried off the arena stage, Zhuge Yin stepped off as well. Even though he kept his eyes looking straight ahead, he could still feel just how incisive the gazes being heaped upon him from all sides was.

    Zhuge Yin tried his best to disregard all those prickly stares coming in from all directions as he subconsciously quickened his steps, almost to the point like he was running away, to leave the stares of everyone there behind him.

    Fei Yan then led the others from the Dragon Slayers Palace to follow.

    But their leaving did not bring the slightest ounce of relief to the tense atmosphere in there.
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