Chapter 1708: “Torture One’s Heart Over Killing Him (4)”

    Chapter 1708: "Torture One's Heart Over Killing Him (4)"

    All around the arena stage, it had turned quiet. The heavy stench of blood tingling everyone's noses, the long trail of blood stretching from the top of the stage to below it drawing everyone's eyes where they were unable to turn away from it.

    [A joke? A misunderstanding?]

    [The Dragon Slayers Palace who had said those words must be the one that's joking instead!]

    They were all not such dimbulbs, not blind to see for themselves.

    Zhuge Yin's actions that drove Yue Yi helplessly into a corner, could not have been all because of a joke.

    It was all just due to the pairs of eyes fixed upon him, that had awakened him and in an attempt to not blow up the matter any further, he had quickly tried to brush the entire matter off.

    At that moment, everyone was secretly feeling fortunate that they had not continued to be blindsided, but to see the tyrannical arrogance the Dragon Slayers Palace was showing. That had then made the Dragon Slayers Palace restrain themselves. If not for that, after that disciple from the Shadow Moon Palace was killed today, it might very well be their turn next.

    "What happened here?" An Elder from the Pure Grace Palace exclaimed as he came rushing in leading a group of their disciples. These battles at the arena were just supposed to just create a distraction for all the disciples from the other palaces and the Pure Grace Palace had not paid it much attention but trouble had erupted from it!

    The Pure Grace Palace's Elder had just come walking in when he saw the copious amount of blood upon the arena platform, a bright garish red which caused him to immediately gasp in shock!

    That amount of blood could not possibly have been spilt from any minor wound!

    Unease quickly rose within the Pure Grace Palace's Elder's heart. Regardless of which palace the disciple was from, the fact that it happened in the Pure Grace Palace would definitely drag the Pure Grace Palace into the muck, which was the last thing that they would want to see.

    Very quickly, the Pure Grace Palace's Elder noticed Yue Yi who was being held up by Zi Jin and he quickly went over to them, his expression highly flustered as he asked: "How is our little young brother? He's so severely injured. Send him back to his room quickly and I'll immediately send someone over to have a look at his wounds."

    Jun Wu Xie raised up her head and looked at the Pure Grace Palace's Elder who was looking highly concerned and she told him coldly: "We wouldn't want to trouble the Pure Grace Palace. The Shadow Moon Palace can take care of our own people. As for what happened here?"

    Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow, the ends of her mouth curled up in a sneer.

    "Seeing that the Elder came here in such a rush, could you possibly not know what happened here at all?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused the Pure Grace Palace's Elder to stiffen up. He had not thought that the tiny and delicate looking youth before him could be so prickly with his words.

    Indeed, he had already received reports earlier from their disciples in the Pure Grace Palace who said that Zhuge Yin and Yue Yi were matched against each other but he had not paid it much attention. It was until a disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace came rushing to them, and telling them that someone was going to be killed that made the Elder jump up, and rush himself over here.

    In truth, though the Pure Grace Palace did not want anyone dying within their territories on their watch, they were also highly reluctant to gain the ire of the Dragon Slayers Palace. Hence, they had no intentions of probing into the incident but just wanted to divert everyone's attention away from it.

    Never would he have thought that their intentions would be so mercilessly seen through by Jun Wu Xie immediately.

    The Elder's face quickly froze completely.

    "Zi Jin, bring Yue Yi back." Jun Wu Xie did not even look at the Pure Grace Palace's Elder as she turned to go back the way she had come.

    Seeing the backs of the group of people with Jun Wu Xie, the brows of the Pure Grace Palace's Elder creased up together, disliking the sharp retort within the Shadow Moon Palace's words.

    "It's a whole bunch of young and energetic people here and a momentary slip of judgement is unavoidable. There's no need for all of you to be nervous about this and I would like to suggest that everyone go back to get some rest." The Pure Grace Palace's Elder said, not wanting to think anymore about it but to down play the entire incident, but the eyes of the people there looking at him turned a little strange.
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