Chapter 1709: “Played (1)”

    Chapter 1709: "Played (1)"

    It seemed nobody took the Pure Grace Palace's Elder's words to heart. The look that all the youths gave the Pure Grace Palace's Elder made the Elder unconsciously feel overcome with self guilt.

    In truth, there was nothing wrong with the Elder's actions from the Pure Grace Palace's perspective. The Pure Grace Palace had absolutely no intentions of offending any of the other palaces and regardless of how wrong Zhuge Yin had been this day no matter how one looked at it, the Shadow Moon Palace did not have any special relationship with the Pure Grace Palace either. Hence, the neutral stance that the Pure Grace Palace was taking was  quite understandable.

    If this had happened under normal circumstances, those words might have been deemed a little bit more acceptable.

    But the problem was that Jun Wu Xie had incited everyone against Zhuge Yin's actions earlier and all the youths were at that moment very much against Zhuge Yin's overly cruel methods. For the Pure Grace Palace's Elder to come forward trying to smooth out the situation at that moment, it left a rather sour taste in the mouths of the youths.

    It just felt like it was because he feared the Dragon Slayers Palace's might, that he was siding with Zhuge Yin.

    The bunch of youths had taken quite a fright from Zhuge Yin's methods and now they are seeing that the Pure Grace Palace was siding with the Dragon Slayers Palace. That just reminded all of them even more strongly of the Dragon Slayers Palace's fearless tyranny, and the Pure Grace Palace's inaction against it.

    Thinking that they would still have to remain in the Pure Grace Palace for quite a period, the youths were feeling rather displeased at the Pure Grace Palace's refusal to do anything about it.

    This did not assure them of their safety here in any way, having been invited here to the Pure Grace Palace but unable to receive any protection from them. That realization was then lumped together with the feelings they held against Zhuge Yin, dragging the Pure Grace Palace into it as well.

    Feeling highly conflicted, the faces of the youths shown to the Pure Grace Palace's Elder did not look good at all as they fell into groups to depart from the place, the look within all their eyes causing the Pure Grace Palace's Elder's face to stiffen up.

    He wasn't a dumb block and he couldn't possibly miss the kind of the displeasure the youths felt towards him. But there was no reason for all that animosity which greatly confused the Pure Grace Palace's Elder, causing him to feel rather aggrieved.

    They had taken the effort to arrange something for these dastardly kids and in the end, they created trouble by themselves and were blaming it upon the Pure Grace Palace. To what end were the Pure Grace Palace be doing all this for?

    The battle arena ended unhappily with no one the winner within the Pure Grace Palace. The Dragon Slayers Palace had not even seen them put forth a neutral stance and the disciples from all the other palaces had mistaken them for cowering before the Dragon Slayers Palace's might.

    Zhuge Yin was highly flustered and filled with frustration when he returned to his room, his mind chaotic.

    On the arena stage earlier, he had clearly seen the eyes of the youths from the other palaces. The wariness he had seen in their gazes gave him a highly ominous feeling in his heart. He had not thought that his one single moment of glee today would end up bringing the displeasure of all the other palaces upon the Dragon Slayers Palace, a point he had never expected to happen.

    The decision to torment Yue Yi had just been his own personal matter but in the end, with just a few words, Jun Wu Xie had elevated the incident to become one where the Dragon Slayers Palace were using their might to bully others. Moreover, Zhuge Yin had not even been able to utter a single word in rebuttal. Earlier on the arena stage, Zhuge Yin had not been able to react immediately to all that was happening, but on his way back to his room, he had analysed every single word that Jun Wu Xie had said back and forth and that was when he realized something.

    That kid had pretended to be servile and helpless which just showed his arrogance and fearlessness more greatly in contrast. Zhuge Yin had originally thought that that was Jun Wu Xie's personality, a hopeless weakling, but it suddenly felt as if there was something rather fishy about it.

    "Damn it! I had actually been played out by that scoundrel!" Zhuge Yin said angrily as he sat within a chair, feeling so incensed he slammed his fist onto the table which immediately caused the surface of the sturdy rosewood table to be covered with a web of cracks.

    If not for those few words and that frail demeanor from Jun Wu Xie, why would the people from the other palaces even begin to implicate the Dragon Slayers Palace into all of this?
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