Chapter 1710: “Played (2)”

    Chapter 1710: "Played (2)"

    Fei Yan came into Zhuge Yin room after awhile and the moment he stepped in the door, he saw Zhuge Yin angry with his jaws clenched tight, which just made Fei Yan think it funny secretly inside.

    From young, Zhuge Yin had been pampered and carefully held in the palm by everyone. He possessed great powers, was greatly gifted, but his mind was not as nimble like Jun Wu Xie was. With just a few words, Jun Wu Xie had not only made Zhuge Yin stop with his cruel torment of Yue Yi, but had even pushed both Zhuge Yin and the Dragon Slayers Palace right into the eye of the storm! And Zhuge Yin was not even given any opportunity to retaliate at all, truly killing two birds with one stone, without even getting any blood on her hands.

    With Zhuge Yin's kind of temperament, thinking of pitting himself against Jun Wu Xie would just be courting death. Aggrievement, was a bitter pill he had no choice but to swallow this time!

    Not just him alone, but even the Dragon Slayers Palace had to swallow it as well!

    "Young Lord." Fei Yan called out as he quelled the mocking smile rising up within his eyes, to look at Zhuge Yin with a look of obedience.

    Zhuge Yin was feeling rather testy and seeing Fei Yan come in, the gloominess on his face did not fade in the slightest. "I shouldn't have allowed that kid from the Shadow Moon Palace spout all that nonsense! Before that scoundrel arrived, I should have finished Yue Yi off!  Letting that kid come to the arena to utter all that nonsense, it caused the situation to turn out rather awkward for me."

    Zhuge Yin became more infuriated the more he thought about it. He had never had to swallow a bitter pill like this. Being pinned with such a big hat upon his head and he was not even given a chance to explain himself at all.

    If it had happened at any other time, he would have killed that big mouthed kid with a single strike of his palm.

    Today's incident, was a result that had come about due to Zhuge Yin's pomposity and arrogance. If he had killed off Yue Yi earlier, even if Jun Wu Xie came to the scene, she wouldn't be able to do anything to change the situation. He would have been able to walk away unscathed, and not have to face Jun Wu Xie at all, which would give her no chance of finding fault with him, nor the opportunity to say those words at all. And if he had immediately fought Jun Wu Xie the moment they met, without taking the same bullying attitude, Jun Wu Xie would also not be able to use her words to incite the fear within all the other youths.

    But all of this, Zhuge Yin did none of it. He had only single mindedly thought of tormenting Yue Yi in every possible way, to use Yue Yi to humiliate Jun Wu Xie, which was what gave Jun Wu Xie that one chance to retaliate back against him.

    "There is no need for the Young Lord to be angry. The matter with the Shadow Moon Palace is just a small thing and we have something more important we need to deal with at hand." Fei Yan said gently, knowing that Zhuge Yin had truly began to harbour hatred from Jun Wu Xie.

    Talking about this, it's rather funny. Bullying with his dominant powers and provoking Jun Wu Xie were all initiated by Zhuge Yin's own doing. And just because Jun Wu Xie was not willing to surrender herself to it, she had instead earned the hatred of Zhuge Yin. Such a petty and narrow minded person, was just too despicable and shameless.

    Zhuge Yin did not notice any of the scorn and ridicule hidden behind Fei Yan's eyes, his mind was only focused upon what had happened today.

    "You're right. There is no need for us to fear the Shadow Moon Palace but that kid played me for a fool today, making me look like a joke in front of everyone, and even smearing the name of the Dragon Slayers Palace as well. Although the might of the Dragon Slayers Palace has been growing consistently, but with the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace above us, we have not drawn all that much attention to ourselves. But today, that kid had pushed us out into the limelight and I saw the animosity that has risen inside the eyes of the youths from the other palaces against us, which wouldn't be a good sign at all." Zhuge Yin massaged the spot between his brows, feeling an ache in his head. He then turned to look at Fei Yan and said.

    "Fortunately you dealt with it in a timely fashion, which prevented the situation from worsening, or I wouldn't know how bad it would have become."

    At that time, Zhuge Yin's mind had been in a chaotic whirl and he had absolutely no idea how to diffuse the situation till Fei Yan's appearance showed him a way out.
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