Chapter 1711: “Played (3)”

    Chapter 1711: "Played (3)"

    "It is in my duty to do that." Fei Yan said with a laugh, lowering his head slightly to hide the mirth in his eyes.

    [Zhuge Yin was even thanking him?]

    Unknown to him, the reason for Fei Yan's appearance was definitely not to show him a way out, but to push Zhuge Yin into a helpless corner with no way out.

    Just by claiming that it had all been a joke, to bring the entire matter to a close. But just how heavy handed Zhuge Yin had been against Yue Yi was something that everyone saw clearly. No one would ever believe that he had just been kidding. Having someone from the Dragon Slayers Palace themselves use such a half hearted and superfluous excuse to try to explain it all away had instead just made everyone else feel the Dragon Slayers Palace's indifference to it.

    If Zhuge Yin had instead killed Yue Yi right on the spot, and the people from the other palaces were displeased, they would be quelled by Zhuge Yin's dominating ways, and not dare to wag their tongues carelessly. Among the Twelve Palaces, there had never been much in the way of righteousness, but just the law of jungle where the predator feeds on the prey, and might reigned supreme. Only by doing that, would the people be cowered, and fearful.

    But, by sparing Yue Yi, it would only let the people from the other palaces detect misgivings and panic coming from Zhuge Yin, and not fear him in the slightest as a misconstrued perception filled their minds.

    And that was.....

    Regardless how strong the Dragon Slayers Palace were, they were still unable to stand up to admonishment from the masses collectively.

    That misperception, had never been applicable in the Twelve Palaces.

    With the Flame Demons Palace as an example, with just how arrogantly the Flame Demons Palace usually behaved, and the number of disciples from other palaces they had killed too numerous to count, no one dared to bring the matter up onto the table to speak about it, fearing to even question the Flame Demons Palace a single word.

    All because they knew, that there would only be one result from any debate or questioning, and that would be..... death!

    With Zhuge Yin backing down today, it could not possibly do the Dragon Slayers Palace any good at all, but make everyone feel that the Dragon Slayers Palace had become a bigger threat, and they needed to be suppressed and held down.

    And Zhuge Yin was still being so grateful to Fei Yan for the way he had handled the situation. But in the next few days to come, he would then intimately feel, just how severe the consequences could really be by dealing with the matter in that manner.

    A tyrant who was not resolute, would only end up overthrown by the mob!

    "Father did not make me come to the Pure Grace Palace to invite trouble upon the Dragon Slayers Palace. Little Yan, what happened today has happened. What must we do to make those people change their perception of us?" Zhuge Yin's thoughts had taken a turn into the wrong direction. He was actually thinking of changing the Dragon Slayers Palace's image in the eyes of the other palaces.

    Fei Yan just felt that his thinking was just too hilarious. Among the Twelve Palaces, only the mighty were able to lord over the others. The weak and frail would only be suppressed and bullied.

    However, Fei Yan was not about to remind Zhuge Yin of that fact but he instead replied: "About that..... I do not know how to deal with that as well. I..... have just been accepted into the palace for a short period and this is the first time I have encountered something like this. But doesn't everyone also say harmony begets harmony in all matters?"

    Zhuge Yin was silent for a while, thinking through Fei Yan's words.

    "Don't tell me that I am expected to go show goodwill to those guys from the Shadow Moon Palace?"

    [Harmony begets harmony?]

    Just the thought of that face on Jun Wu Xie was making him wish he could strangle her to death. Wanting him to go shake hands and make peace with those guys from the Shadow Moon Palace was something that Zhuge Yin would not be able to accomplish no matter what.

    "Maybe not to that extent. The Young Lord would just need to stop finding trouble with them intentionally and allow everyone else time to gradually forget about the matter. Think that might work?" Fei Yan suggested, pretending to looking unsure.

    Zhuge Yin found the logic highly sound as he nodded his head, never noticing the faint suspicious smile at the very corners of Fei Yan's mouth.
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