Chapter 1712: “Saving a Life (1)”

    Chapter 1712: "Saving a Life (1)"

    Zhuge Yin found the logic highly sound as he nodded his head, never noticing the faint suspicious smile at the very corners of Fei Yan's mouth.

    On another side, Jun Wu Xie led Zi Jin and the others back to her room.

    Zi Jin was holding up the semi conscious Yue Yi the entire way, her body stained red from head to toe in Yue Yi's blood. The heavy stench of blood made the still rather innocent little girl brim up with tears, flowing down her face silently as she followed Jun Wu Xie back to her room.

    Once inside the room, Zi Jin immediately laid Yue Yi upon the bed, and then stood stood staring at her blood stained hands, standing frozen beside the bed.

    She had never seen, so much blood.

    The Spirit Jade Palace, had always remained hidden within Mount Fu Yao and their disciples seldom ventured out. Towards the strife happening outside, they only knew a little about it in their minds, most of it mere guesswork as they had never seen it happen with their own eyes. And everything that had happened today, had happened so suddenly, a little too suddenly which made Zi Jin a little flustered.

    When Yue Yi was forced to step up onto the arena stage, she did not know what she was supposed to do, and could do nothing but just worry silently as she stood below.

    She could still remember the kind of resolve she had seen in Yue Yi's eyes when Yue Yi stood right before the stage.

    Though her relationship with Yue Yi was merely one of cooperation, but over this period they had interacted with each other, it had made the innocent young girl see Yue Yi as a companion. Seeing with her own eyes Yue Yi having suffered such great torment and she could not do anything about it, her heart filled with a kind of guilt that burned like a blazing ball of fire.

    But at that moment, no one had the time to go soothe this young girl who had just witnessed the cruelty of the world for the first time.

    The large amount of blood loss had caused Yue Yi to turn white as a sheet. Jun Wu Xie was at the bedside quickly assessing Yue Yi's injuries and feeding him a life replenishing elixir to hold his heart meridian steady, preventing him from losing his life before he could even receive treatment.

    After having properly assessed Yue Yi's injuries, the suppressed rage Jun Wu Xie had held down within her almost burst out from her chest.

    The wounds, big and small upon Yue Yi's body were too numerous to count and they were wounds that would not take a person's life in an instant, but ones that were aimed to make a person suffer the agony of highly excruciating pain. The injuries were very severe and if it had been anyone else, even if they were able to let Yue Yi keep his life, they would not be able to retain the spirit powers within his body.

    Zhuge Yin had not only struck Yue Yi's internal organs, the severe injuries inflicted upon his meridians were highly targeted. Zhuge Yin was seeking to destroy Yue Yi's foundation at the core!

    When a person's body was injured, one could be treated and nursed back to health

    Even when one's spirit powers were completely dispersed, as long as their meridians were intact, one would still be able to spend the same amount of time to cultivate once more based on their innate gift and talents. But once one's meridians were destroyed, it destroyed one's foundation. Even if they nursed their body back to health, it would no longer be possible for them to continue to cultivate their spirit powers.

    Such cruel and malicious ways just sent chills up people's spines.

    Zhuge Yin had obviously already wanted to kill Yue Yi, but he had still maliciously seeked to destroy all hope for Yue Yi.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes turned exceptionally bright under the raging blaze of rage burning in her. She did not open her mouth to say a word, but just silently pulled out her needle pouch and a heap of elixirs from her Cosmos Sack.

    Long silver needles were administered upon the major acupoints all over Yue Yi's body, sealing up his meridians that flowed backwards, to prevent the tyrannical surge of power from causing anymore damage.
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