Chapter 1713: “Saving a Life (2)”

    Chapter 1713: "Saving a Life (2)"

    The unconscious Yue Yi did not show the slightest reaction but laid straight and stiff upon the bed. If not for the slight rise and fall of his chest, people would readily assume that he was dead.

    Jun Wu Yao had his arms crossed as he stood leaning on one side, a faint smile on his lips as he watched the fully focused and determined Jun Wu Xie, her bright eyes at that moment making him think she looked most beautiful.

    Bottle after bottle of elixirs were poured out by Jun Wu Xie and fed into Yue Yi's mouth, where the heavy blood loss by Yue Yi then finally showed signs of stopping.

    Jun Wu Xie did not dare to delay in the slightest as her hands flew incessantly in the air in a mesmerizing dance, treating the damage to Yue Yi's body one after another.

    A person who had originally been a gory mess, had in a short period of time gained back a little bit of life under Jun Wu Xie's hands. Zi Jin who watched in a daze at the side, found it hard to believe that Jun Wu could possess such amazing skills.

    The entire live saving process went on for half a day's time. After half a day had passed, Yue Yi's breathing then gradually grew steady, like he was just asleep as he lay upon the bed, but Jun Wu Xie still did not pull out the silver needles stuck into his body.

    Till the treatment finally came to an end, Jun Wu Xie then stood up, her pair of fair hands stained red with blood as she took a step backwards.

    "Jun..... Fif..... Fifth..... Fifth Junior, how is Yue Yi's condition?" Zi Jin had stood quietly at the side, staring nervously throughout the entire process. Jun Wu's medical skills was stronger than anyone else she had ever seen and if she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not be able to believe that Jun Wu could possibly possess such great skills in Medicine.

    "His condition is stable for now, but he will need to undergo another round of treatment." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. Although Yue Yi's injuries were highly severe, it was still not beyond her. But as his injuries cover over too wide an area over his body collectively, if she were to clean up and deal with them all at one go, Yue Yi's highly weakened body might not be able to hold up under the entire treatment process. Hence, she had dealt with the most critical areas first, while the rest would have to wait till Yue Yi gained back a little bit of his strength before she continued to work on them.

    Zi Jin looked at Jun Wu rather hesitantly, looking a little solemn as she bit on her lip.

    Jun Wu Xie walked over to the side towards the wash basin, and slowly cleaned off the bloodstains on her hands.

    This colour and stench that she highly abhorred, would for a long time in the future continue to stay close to her. She wouldn't be able to avoid it, and she could only bear with it.

    Watching the bloodstains on her hands slowly dispersing within the water, Jun Wu Xie stared at the water's surface for a while before her voice suddenly sounded as she asked: "Regarding what happened today, how did it come about?"

    When she had been rushing towards the arena stage, she had bumped into Zi Jin. But as the situation had been highly urgent, Zi Jin had not been too detailed with what she told her, but merely said that Zhuge Yin had for some unknown reason, suddenly just came to seek Yue Yi.

    "I..... I do not know what exactly happened as well. I was with Yue Yi below the arena stage watching people from the various palaces battling each other. We were watching the matches when that Zhuge Yin suddenly came walking over to us, and there had not been any warning signs before it. After he came over, he went on to taunt Yue Yi to go up upon the stage continuously. In the beginning, Yue Yi had declined politely but that Zhuge Yin had then started making an issue about Elder Yue and Yue Yi's sister which finally left Yue Yi with no other choice but to go up onto the stage." When talking about that, Zi Jin;s heart then flared with rage. Zhuge Yin had been like a rabid dog who suddenly jumped right in front of them, catching them completely unprepared.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly. Zhuge Yin's actions had really been rather incomprehensible and having this incident suddenly occur was completely out of anything she could have expected.
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