Chapter 1714: “Saving a Life (3)”

    Chapter 1714: "Saving a Life (3)"

    Just as Jun Wu Xie had thought before, the reason she had picked the Shadow Moon Palace to "rob", was because she had checked and found that the Shadow Moon Palace did not command much of a presence or even existence among the Twelve Palaces. Because they were too weak and did not pose to be a threat to them, the bigger palaces could not even be bothered to find trouble with them. Moreover, the Shadow Moon Palace had always conformed to the norms and did not seek to antagonize anyone, that was why she had chosen to come here as a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace as a false front.

    But she had not thought that having come to the Pure Grace Palace for just barely two days and Zhuge Yin from the Dragon Slayers had come knocking on their doors.

    Jun Wu Xie had not missed the kind of displeasure and arrogance Zhuge Yin had displayed after she arrived and that was not a normal reaction that a person would usually show a complete stranger.

    [Could it be that she has somehow unknowingly offended him?]

    Jun Wu Xie sieved through her memory of every one of her actions from the moment she had first stepped into the Pure Grace Palace but she still did not have the slightest inkling. She had not come into any form of contact with Zhuge Yin and the one time she had gone closest to him was merely that night at the welcoming banquet, where they had sat in the same banquet hall. Moreover, she had left the place for a long period halfway through the banquet and she really could not think of a single suspicious situation where she could have provoked Zhuge Yin to invite such animosity from him.

    "Did the two of you come into any form of contact with Zhuge Yin today?" Jun Wu Xie could not find any suspicious point on her side so she could only try to find any kind of a breach from Zi Jin and Yue Yi.

    Zi Jin shook her head.

    "We stayed right at the back of the crowd at that time and did not interact with anyone else." This was a point that Zi Jin was very certain of. She was a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace and she held a deep grudge against the Twelve Palaces, which made her fear having her identity exposed, causing her to not dare get too close to anyone.

    Yue Yi had a highly silent and reclusive personality and the two of them did not have much of a presence among the crowd.

    "Before Zhuge Yin came to seek you, who did he speak to?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    However, Zi Jin still shook her head. "I was watching the ongoing match on the arena stage so I do not know....."

    [How could she have thought that just by watching a match on one side would bring them so much trouble?]

    [If she had known it would turn out like this, it would have been better she did not even go there in the first place.]

    Towards Yue Yi's injuries, Zi Jin was feeling highly guilty inside. With regards to the invitation from the Pure Grace Palace on that day, Yue Yi had initially not intended to go. But Zi Jin had wanted to use this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the situation within the Twelve Palaces but did not dare to forcibly drag Jun Wu to go with her, hence, she could only go beg Yue Yi and Yue Yi had only gone there all because of her.

    In the end.....

    Zi Jin hung her head, looking as guilty as a child who had done something wrong.

    If not for her, how would Yue Yi come to meet with a mishap?

    If Yue Yi had not gone there today, even if Yue Yi sought to find trouble with Yue Yi, he would not have had the chance.

    As these thoughts raced through her mind, Zi Jin could not hold herself back as her tears fell silently, the bean sized teardrops falling down from her eyes.

    "Why are you crying?" Jun Wu Xie was taken aback, never expecting that Zi Jin would suddenly start crying out of nowhere.

    "It's all my fault. If I had not insisted for Yue Yi to accompany me, he would not have encountered this, and not be bullied so badly by that rabid dog Zhuge Yin like this. Blame it all on me." Zi Jin said guiltily, as she wiped at her tears, highly remorseful of her own actions.

    Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth, but did not know what she should say.

    From the way she saw it, the fault for this matter laid with Zhuge Yin. Even if Yue Yi had not gone there today, as long as Zhuge Yin held animosity against Yue Yi, in the days ahead where they were here, he would definitely seek for a chance to make things difficult for him.

    [So, what was Zi Jin crying for?]
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