Chapter 1715: “Benevolent (1)”

    Chapter 1715: "Benevolent (1)"

    "It's getting late, go get some rest first." Jun Wu Xie really did not know how to comfort a crying young girl and could only ask her to go get some rest.

    Zi Jin wiped her tears away and nodded her head, but when she got to the door, she suddenly paused in her steps and turned her head to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Fifth Junior, were you really prepared to see Zhuge Yin have Yue Yi killed earlier?"

    Zi Jin's question caused Jun Wu Xie's eyes to flash with a glint.

    Zi Ji bit down on her lip. "I know that Fifth Junior, you hold a deep grudge against the Twelve Palaces and the reason that you had come here is to carry out your plan. Although Yue Yi is indeed a disciple of the Twelve Palaces, but..... Isn't he living with bitterly, bogged down with unspeakable troubles? Since you're cooperating with him, shouldn't you treat him as an ally or yours?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Zi Jin calmly. "What did you think I was doing today?"

    Zi Jin shook his head. "I do not know. Everything that I heard, everything that I saw, made me very confused. I only wish that Fifth Junior could be a little more benevolent that's all."

    Till this moment, Zi Jin could not forget the words Jun Wu had said at the edge of the arena stage. Those words had caused Zi Jin's blood to run cold. All that she heard did not make her feel that Jun Wu intended to save Yue Yi at all. Everything she heard was just Jun Wu leaving Yue Yi in Zhuge Yin's hands to deal with as he wished, without uttering a single word of plea to save Yue Yi at all.

    At that moment, Zi Jin had felt nothing but despair.

    She knew, that Jun Wu was enemies with the Twelve Palaces. But..... shouldn't Yue Yi be considered to be one of their allies?

    That unhesitating readiness to sacrifice an ally just like that, is that really appropriate?

    "Go get some rest." Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes back, not willing to say anything more to Zi Jin.

    Zi Jin stood there biting her lip a moment more but still turned herself to leave in the end.

    Till Zi Jin had departed, Jun Wu Yao who had been standing at the side suddenly broke into a laugh.

    "Seems like not everybody can understand all the deep thoughts and heart you have put into this." Jun Wu Yao walked over to Jun Wu Xie's side, reaching his hand out to run his fingers through her hair a little.

    More benevolent?

    How come he did not feel that his dear Little Xie unbenevolent in anyway?

    In fact, he felt that dear Little Xie was being a little too benevolent!

    "I don't need her to understand." Jun Wu Xie sat down on a chair at the side, to look at Yue Yi who was in a deep sleep, no joy or sadness in her eyes.

    Zi Jin was merely a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace. Her cooperation with the Spirit Jade Palace was merely between her and the Spirit Jade Palace Lord himself. All that she did, she did not need to explain to Zi Jin. Moreover, she was of the belief that with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's intelligent mind, even if he came to know of today's events, he would quickly understand her reasons for doing this.

    At that time, even if she had opened her mouth to beg Zhuge Yin to spare Yue Yi, it wouldn't be of any use. Zhuge Yin hated her, and hated Yue Yi, though it was not known for what reason. But Jun Wu Xie was certain that it was obvious from the animosity in his eyes that even if she had followed what he told her to do, and knelt to kowtow to him, the result in the end would merely win her further ridicule from Zhuge Yin.

    And even then, Zhuge Yin would similarly not show any mercy, to spare Yue Yi, with Yue Yi ending up losing his life.

    She would rather just take the opportunity presented from the circumstances then, to force Zhuge Yin onto a path of ruin, which would instead present Yue Yi with the chance to come out of it alive.

    "Stradling yourself with these two cumbersome weights..... is Little Xie certain that you found yourself allies?" Jun Wu Yao had not had interacted with Yue Yi and Zi Jin much, but he could see things as they were clearly. Although Yue Yi's personality was not all that bad at its core, he was too weak in will, bogged down with too much worries and slow of wit. And Zi Jin was one who was still too green and still could not comprehend the world at large, a foolish young lass who had not seen the evils of the world.
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