Chapter 1716: “Benevolent (2)”

    Chapter 1716: "Benevolent (2)"

    With these two people following behind such a dangerous person like Jun Wu Xie, they really wouldn't be of any use at all but just increase her burden.

    If it was Jun Wu Yao, he would definitely not allow useless trash like those two to remain by his side.

    Zi Jin said that Jun Wu Xie should be a little more benevolent. She was only able to see Jun Wu Xie's cold and callous front but too blind to notice the benevolence hidden beneath that chilly indifference.

    If not for that, those youths from the Shadow Moon Palace and Yue Yi would not have possibly lived till now.

    Only a dead person would truly keep a secret. Jun Wu Xie had let Yue Yi remain with her, was it because there was a use for him or was it just because she didn't want to kill an innocent one?

    "It does not matter." Jun Wu Xie said as she poured herself a cup of water. The path she was treading upon, was destined to be one covered in blood. The souls that would perish at her hands would become too numerous to count in future and she had no intentions of becoming a demonic bloodthirsty murderer.

    Since she dared to have Yue Yi and Zi Jin remain by her side, she would naturally have her ways to deal with their inadequacies.

    Jun Wu Yao could not help but laugh helplessly as he shook his head. How many people were there in existence who could notice the gentleness beneath that cold front?

    "Let's not talk about those two dead weights for now. In regards to that Zhuge Yin, have you thought about how you want to deal with him? I will be more than happy to complete that task on your behalf." Jun Wu Yao said as his gaze fell upon Jun Wu Xie, his eyes filled with a loving smile and affection.

    [He dared to want Little Xie to kneel and kowtow to him? It wouldn't be enough even if Zhuge Yin was to die a hundred or even thousand times.]

    "Let him live for now." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes flashed with a trace of murder.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately lifted her hand to press down on Jun Wu Yao's hand that was placed on the table, her eyes meeting Jun Wu Yao's murderous ones.

    "You don't believe in me?"

    "Every one second he lives, makes me feel that it's an blasphemy against you." A lowly ant as dumb as that, had no reason to exist in the world.

    "But without him, how am I going to make the Dragon Slayers Palace the public enemy, to be ostracized by all?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her clear bright eyes blinking at Jun Wu Yao, making his heart race and his mind distracted.

    "Rest assured. There isn't any possibility that he would be able to walk out of the Pure Grace Palace alive but before he dies, he needs to shell out his worth first." The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth then curled up with a faint smile. In her eyes, Zhuge Yin was already a dead man, doomed to certain death. But before dying, he would naturally need to finish what he is expected to do first.

    Jun Wu Yao sighed, and turned his palm to hold Jun Wu Xie little hand, pulling it to his lips, feeling the chill in the fingers that had just been immersed in cold water, the stark contrast in temperature against his warm lips causing him to be unable to help himself but press them harder against her hand.

    "It will all be as you wish, but..... this person's life, is mine."

    He would not let Zhuge Yin die too quickly, or wouldn't that be too easy for that numbskull?

    Jun Wu Xie could feel the warmth from the Jun Wu Yao's lips at her fingertips and her ears turned slightly red. She suddenly flicked a curled up finger straight, which went past Jun Wu Yao's lips to playfully strike Jun Wu Yao's teeth with her fingernail.

    "Nobody's competing with you for that."

    While Jun Wu Yao was still a little stunned being caught by surprise, Jun Wu Xie pulled her little hand back, and stood up.

    "Will you want to watch over Yue Yi through the night?" Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie playfully fluttered her eyelids at Jun Wu Yao, and without even giving Jun Wu Yao anytime to react, she shot herself out of the room.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed despite himself as she saw Jun Wu Xie's back leave, and then turned to look at Yue Yi lying upon the bed.

    "Lord Jue." Jun Wu Yao nodded, and then walked out from the room with his arms held behind his back.

    In the room, Ye Mei looked at Yue Yi, his face melancholy.

    [Let Lord Jue watch you overnight? Would you even live to see sunrise? Better let me do it.....]
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