Chapter 1717: “Doubts (1)”

    Chapter 1717: "Doubts (1)"

    It was early the next morning when Yue Yi regained his consciousness. Ye Mei who had remained in the room in watch the entire night silently left the room in the instant Yue Yi opened his eyes.

    Yue Yi opened his still highly sore eyes painfully to see an empty room, and then trying to move a single finger which gave him so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat.

    The room's door opened at that moment and Zi Jin came in carrying clear hot tea. The moment she came she into the room, she saw Yue Yi who was lying upon the bed looking at her with his eyes open and her face immediately broke into a brilliant smile.

    "You're awake!" Zi Jin hurriedly put the clear tea she held in her hands onto the table and walked over to the bed to check on Yue Yi's condition.

    Yue Yi wanted to nod his head but found that he could not move. He opened his mouth wanting to say something but his highly parched throat could only make raspy grunts.

    "Do not try to move yet. You were injured so severely yesterday so you need to get proper rest. Are you thirsty? Do you want some water?" Zi Jin asked, sweetly considerate.

    Yue Yi blinked his eyes and Zi Jin quickly went to pour out a cup of clear tea and carried it carefully to Yue Yi's bedside. Because Yue Yi was unable to get up, she had to use a small spoon to slowly feed the tea into Yue Yi's mouth.

    The warm liquid slowly flowed down the parched and dry throat, bringing great relief to Yue Yi. He looked at Zi Jin gratefully and then said in a still raspy voice: "Thank you."

    Zi Jin blushed and lowered her head a little awkwardly.

    "You do not need to thank me. I should be the one apologising to you instead. If I had not pestered you so persistently asking you to go with me, you would not have met with such misfortune. I was the one who dragged you into this and I am really very sorry."

    For the entire night, Zi Jin had not shut her eyes at all. Whenever she shut them, that horrifying scene on that arena stage would rise up in her head and she did not dare imagine if Zhuge Yin had been just a little bit more heavy handed, would Yue Yi even be able to come back alive.

    It was at such a critical moment that she found herself unable to do anything but stand there helplessly below the stage, to see with her own eyes Yue Yi being battered while she did not know what to do. Overwhelming helplessness and guilt caused Zi Jin to be unable to eat nor sleep the whole night and dawn had just broken when she could not help herself but came running over thinking to see how was Yue Yi's condition.

    "Things like this, nobody knew it would happen. Can't blame you." Yue Yi's voice was raspy and as he was still very weak, his voice was soft and light.

    "You do not need to console me. I was useless and unable to save you." Zi Jin was still filled with self reproach.

    Yue Yi looked at Zi Jin helplessly. In regards to Zhuge Yin setting himself against him, Yue Yi was feeling rather bewildered and did not understand it but he still did not blame it on anyone. As a guy, he would naturally not be willing to push the responsibility for such a matter onto a young girl's head.

    "Yesterday..... How did I come back here?" In order to not let Zi Jin continue to blame herself any further, Yue Yi could only change the topic.

    On the arena stage yesterday, he had come to realize clearly that Zhuge Yin seeked not only to defeat him, but had also wanted his life. At that moment, Yue Yi had given up on all hope, telling himself that he had no chance of leaving the stage alive, never ever thinking that he would open his eyes today to find himself still alive.

    Zi Jin was slightly taken aback and then seeming to have recalled something, she suddenly lowered her head, her expression looking a little different from usual as her eyes stared evasively at the floor on the side.

    "You don't remember about yesterday?" Zi Jin then asked softly.

    Yue Yi replied: "I was slipping in and out of consciousness at that time and my mind was in a whirl. I am unable to remember anything at all."

    Zi Jin chewed in her lip as she looked at Yue Yi lying upon the bed and she hesitated a moment before she said: "I went to seek out Young Master Jun at that time and he rushed over after that."
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