Chapter 1718: “Doubts (2)”

    Chapter 1718: "Doubts (2)"

    "So it was Young Master Jun who saved me....." Yue Yi said with a faint smile.

    But Zi Jin gazed at Yue Yi with a rather complicated kind of look in her eyes and after being silent for a while, Zi Jin finally said: "Yue Yi, how do you feel..... about Young Master Jun as a person?"

    Yue Yi looked at Zi Jin rather puzzledly, not understanding why Zi Jin would ask him such a question.

    "I..... I am just casually asking. If you do not wish to say anything, it's fine." Zi Jin quickly lowered her head.

    Yue Yi then said: "Young Master Jun is a rather unique person. I have never seen a youth in his teens that is as steady and calm as he is. He does not usually speak much, but it's like he has such a clear understanding of everything in his heart. I greatly admire him." Yue Yi's words were highly sincere. Although he had not been with Jun Wu for that long a period of time, but the way he handled things greatly earned Yue Yi's admiration. He had initially thought that Jun Wu had infiltrated into the Pure Grace Palace using the Shadow Moon Palace as a front because he wanted to carry out a secret scheme. But after they came to the Pure Grace Palace, Jun Wu's demeanor remained as calm as collected as before, that made people tend to forget his motives for coming here.

    A ferocious beast, after setting their eyes on a target, the most important thing was not for it to constantly baring its fangs and claws to demonstrate its might, but for it to lay in wait in the shadows, quietly observing its prey's every movement, patient while not revealing its presence in the slightest, where its prey did not even know of its existence.

    In the end, when the most opportune moment came about, the ferocious beast who had been lying in wait would then deliver a most deadly strike!

    Kill with a single strike!

    It might be simple to say, but who knew how agonizing it was while endure the long wait?

    Yue Yi knew himself, with the kind of personality he had, if he had taken the trouble to do it and with his enemy so close before him, even if he could hold himself back from striking at them, his hidden intentions would surely be exposed through minute aspects of his actions.

    Especially when he was beside his own people. For him to keep up a pretence, it would be something really difficult for him to do.

    But even having followed Jun Wu for so many days, Yue Yi could not tell at all what Jun Wu really intended to do here, nor did he know who Jun Wu was targeting as well.

    If it was said that Jun Wu did not seek to do anything against the Pure Grace Palace at all on this trip, then why would he even bother to intercept him and the team from the Shadow Moon Palace?

    Zi Jin's eyes were rather conflicted as she looked at Yue Yi. She had to admit that Jun Wu had a highly meticulous mind. Others are not able to guess what Jun Wu was really thinking in his mind at all. But with such a powerful mind, in the eyes of others, wouldn't it be seen as a threat to them as well?

    "Aren't you scared?" Zi Jin suddenly asked.

    "Scared of what?" Yue Yi asked, looking at Zi Jin with confusion.

    "Young Master Jun. Aren't you scared of him? He is able to manipulate and control everything within his hands, including you, and me as well." Zi Jin said.

    Yue Yi looked at Zi Jin's eyes that were seemingly rather flustered. In those eyes, he also saw fear.

    "You're afraid of him?"

    That made Yue Yi think that it was a little strange. Hadn't Zi Jin been with Young Master Jun for a long time?

    Zi Jin nodded her head.

    She wasn't before, but now, she really felt a deep seated fear in her heart towards Jun Wu. Especially yesterday, after she heard Jun Wu utter those words, the fear in Zi Jin had risen to the extreme.

    In Jun Wu's words, she could not find intentions of him wanting to save or protect Yue Yi in the slightest, and that greatly terrified Zi Jin.

    Yue Yi was Jun Wu's ally, just like the Spirit Jade Palace was, an ally to Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu's nimble mind might be able to let him complete whatever he seeked to do. But how would he treat his allies?
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