Chapter 1719: “Doubts (3)”

    Chapter 1719: "Doubts (3)"

    Back in the Spirit Jade Palace before, Zi Jin had heard Granny Yue mention that Jun Wu's powers was not what disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace like her could take on and had given them strict orders to not go provoke Jun Wu. Even their Palace Lord himself had also been helpless against Jun Wu.

    It could be seen from that that Jun Wu's powers were surely not weak. Hence, with that power, it shouldn't be unable to teach Zhuge Yin a lesson.

    Jun Wu could have very well defeated Zhuge Yin up on the arena stage, to save Yue Yi, and teach Zhuge Yin a deserving lesson.

    But Jun Wu had not done that. Just as Zi Jin had thought that with Jun Wu's appearance, he would be able to turn the tables completely around, the words that Jun Wu said had instead chilled Zi Jin's heart felt like it had fallen into a icy lake.

    Zi Jin could roughy guess what Jun Wu's intentions for coming to the Pure Grace Palace. She was also aware that before Jun Wu achieves his motives, he must definitely not have his identity exposed. But..... Yue Yi was in such a critical crisis at that moment! He had almost lost his life!

    And as an ally, Jun Wu had still chosen to conceal his identity, choosing to not do anything.

    To allow Zhuge Yin to continue inflicting agonizing harm upon Yue Yi.

    Zi Jin did not know why Zhuge Yin had chosen to spare Yue Yi in the end, but all that Zi Jin knew was that if Zhuge Yin had not stopped right at the end, Yue Yi would already be dead.

    Killed by Jun Wu's cold indifference.

    "I am not able to explain it well. All I know is that I do not understand him, and I can't understand what he is thinking at all..... When you were so severely wounded yesterday, by all logic, there should at least be one person watching over you in the room last night, but....." Zi Jin's voice paused, as she looked around at the empty room. Before she came here, there was only Yue Yi alone in the room.

    Although Jun Wu had saved Yue Yi, but judging from every one of his actions, he did not really care about the lives of his allies.

    Such practical rationality to the extent that it was mercilessly cold, made Zi Jin feel her blood turn chill.

    It was Yue Yi this time. But if there came a day that the Spirit Jade Palace was in trouble, would Jun Wu similarly stand by and watch without lifting a finger?

    What kind of an ally was that?

    Zi Jin did not dare to continue on with the thought. Having once been fogged to hold a good opinion towards Jun Wu, all of that had completely dissipated under Jun Wu's merciless indifference, and her trust of Jun Wu had been completely obliterated.

    Yue Yi looked at the highly conflicted Zi Jin, knowing that her thoughts were in a complete mess, and he tried to say comfortingly: "You might be thinking too much into it. Didn't you say it yourself that it was Young Master Jun who saved me? I'm a man, not a little girl, and do not need to be carefully pampered. Am I not just fine now?"

    "Was he even saving you? He doesn't care whether you lived or died at all!" Zi Jin could not hold her mouth and the moment the words were said, her face turned slightly pale.

    "What..... What do you mean?" Yue Yi's face was filled with surprise.

    Zi Jin gritted her teeth and looked at Yue Yi who was all covered in wounds. She finally could not hold herself back any longer as she said: "He had indeed come yesterday. But he did not say a single word to plead with Zhuge Yin to spare you. He had instead handed you completely over to Zhuge Yin before everyone's eyes, to be dealt with as he pleased. He did not beg a single time on your behalf. You are Young Master Jun's ally, and so am I. Seeing you being treated like this, I am fearful....."

    Yue Yi looked at Zi Jin in shock, unable to react at that moment.

    Zi Jin was feeling rather flustered with everything she had said. She stood up and then said: "Forget it. Take it as I have not said anything. I will only tell you one thing. Young Master Jun does not care as much as we thought about what the word ally really means. We will have to look out for ourselves from now on."
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