Chapter 1720: “Doubts (4)”

    Chapter 1720: "Doubts (4)"

    After Zi Jin said all those words, she then went out of Yue Yi's room in a rush. She seemed determined when she left, but upon stepping out from the room, she fell back to lean upon the door with her face pale. Even she herself did not know why she had said all that to Yue Yi, but just felt a sort of unease hovering within her heart which just made her unable to calm down.

    "What's wrong?" A cold clear voice suddenly rang out at the side of Zi Jin's ear.

    As if struck by lightning, Zi Jin's body stiffened and she hurriedly raised her head, to suddenly see Jun Wu walking towards Yue Yi's room.

    Zi Jin heart jumped in shock inside, but she tried her best to maintain a calm expression on her face.

    "Nothing..... Nothing..... I just came to see Yue Yi. He had woken up." Zi Jin said as she lowered her head, unable to meet Jun Wu's clear eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie did not suspect anything, but just nodded her head.

    "I..... I'll go over and see if the Pure Grace Palace can bring some porridge for Yue Yi." Zi Jin said nervously.

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Zi Jin then went off in a hurry past Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Yao standing behind Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow as he watched Zi Jin running away in a fluster. After Zi Jin left, Jun Wu Yao then slowly raised up a hand and wrapped Jun Wu Xie in front of him in an embrace, as he lowered his head to say beside her ear: "Why do I see that there seems to be something wrong with her?"

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "Normal."

    Jun Wu Yao laughed. "You're really not going to explain it to her a little? I can see that she does not understand a thing of all the heart you put into the situation yesterday."

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie pulled away the arm Jun Wu Yao had wrapped around her shoulders and walked over to Yue Yi door before she pushed the door open.

    In the room, Yue Yi had his eyes open as he stared at the top of the bed. Hearing someone come in, he turned his eyes to look and saw that it was Jun Wu before his heart felt relieved.

    Jun Wu Xie walked over to the side of the bed, and placed her fingertips upon Yue Yi's wrist to check his condition. She had not spoken a single word since she entered the room and it was Yue Yi who could not hold back and opened his mouth to speak.

    "How are my injuries? You can be just give it to me straight. I will be able to take it." Yue Yi said seriously. Yesterday, he had prepared himself to be killed. Being able to still live, was already sort of fortunate.

    Jun Wu Xie raised up her eyes to look at Yue Yi's highly serious face before she said slowly: "Meridians ruined, internal organs severely damaged. Bones broken in as many as seventeen places. Spirit powers maimed, unable to practice cultivation in future. Even recovered, will be frail and sickly, lifespan to be thirty at most."

    With Jun Wu Xie prattling a whole trail of words, it caused the hope in Yue Yi to fall from the clouds into the pits of despair, his eyes widening, a glint of hopelessness rising up within.

    Spirit powers maimed.....

    Unable to cultivate?

    Frail and sickly.....


    The series of prognoses, battered at Yue Yi, throwing him into great agony. He knew very well himself, just how severe his injuries had been yesterday, a mere step away from death. But he had been fortunate enough to live through it, which gave rise to that tiny sliver of hope in his heart. And when Jun Wu had told him that highly cruel truth, Yue Yi really felt what it was like to suffer a fate worse than death!

    He had become completely useless!

    Unable to cultivate spirit powers, and his body would become unimaginably weak.

    In that condition, there was no need to even talk about returning back to the Shadow Moon Palace to protect his younger sister! If Elder Yue knew that he had become completely useless, Yue Yi did not need to think what his fate would be!
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