Chapter 1721: “Continuing to Live (1)”

    Chapter 1721: "Continuing to Live (1)"

    Elder Yue had not made any moves against Yue Yi little sister all this time because Yue Yi possessed exceptional gift. Although he had wanted to extend his demonic claws upon Yue Yi, he had instead just used Yue Yi little sister to threaten Yue Yi, to ensure Yue Yi followed every single one of his orders, unable to resist.

    But if Yue Yi were to lose his usefulness, then Elder Yue would have ways to make Yue Yi truly taste what Hell would be like!

    And Yue Yi would lose the only way he could protect his little sister with as well.

    In just an instant, the colour faded completely from Yue Yi's face, to turn white as a sheet.

    Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at Yue Yi's pallor that had turned an extremely ugly shade and then said rather expressionlessly: "Able to take it?"

    Yue Yi opened his mouth, his trembling lip betraying his heart that was almost at the point of crumbling.

    "I lied." Jun Wu Xie said those words suddenly.

    The eyes that Yue Yi looked at him with were incredulous and filled with disbelief.

    Jun Wu Xie did not seem to feel that her joke had been so unnervingly terrifying. She merely continued to treat Yue Yi's wounds while she said: "One month's nursing would have you make a full recovery."

    "Is.... is what you are saying really true? You are not..... lying to me?" Yue Yi really did not dare to take Jun Wu's word for it anymore.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow, and then nodded her head.

    Yue Yi just felt like he needed to cry so badly. This was the first time he came to know that the seemingly highly cold Jun Wu even possessed the skill to "joke".

    Truly one who was usually silent, but just highly astounds when he speaks. This very first time he cracked a joke, had nearly shocked him out of half his life.

    "Do you now know that not everything would be what you are able to shoulder?" Jun Wu Xie said, seeing the colour come back onto Yue Yi's face.

    Yue Yi didn't know whether to laugh or to cry but just nodded his head. Shocks like this were truly something his heart would not be able to take.

    "If you realize it now, then remember it clearly in your head that if you truly care for your younger sister, then you must understand that if you die, she will have to follow in your footsteps." Jun Wu Xie's words, suddenly swerved into another direction.

    Yue Yi was rather taken aback.

    "If you had died under Zhuge Yin's hands yesterday, do you think that Elder Yue will treat your younger sister well because of guilt?" Jun Wu Xie said, a chill rising within her eyes.

    Yue Yi found himself at a loss for words.

    Just how cruel and venomous Elder Yue could be, Yue Yi knew it only too well. If he had died, his little sister would then experience living hell.

    "If you want to die, you're free to do that. But if there are people that you care deeply about, then this life of yours must not be given up upon so easily. Otherwise, the ones that would suffer, would be those very people." Jun Wu Xie said with a slight lift of her eyebrow. From the first time she had encountered Yue Yi, she had already detected that there was completely no life in Yue Yi's gaze. He did not hold any fear towards death, to the extent that his heart might really be longing for death to come.

    With everything that Elder Yue had done to him, it had already caused him to lose the will to live. The fact that he had lived such a despicable existence till now was only because of his little sister.

    This was a point that Jun Wu Xie could not agree to.

    "But..... if I did not go up onto that stage, Zhuge Yin would tell everyone about all that Elder Yue had done! It wouldn't matter to me, but I can't let me little sister....." Yue Yi said rather anxiously.

    Jun Wu Xie laughed sneeringly, interrupting his self pitying.

    "Would you feel that rumours and gossips would cause your sister more harm, or when she turns to finally become Elder Yue's plaything?"

    If Yue Yi were to die, Elder Yue would not longer have any misgivings and everything that had been done upon Yue Yi would all fall straight onto his little sister.

    Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bucket of cold water that was thrown straight down upon his head, sending chills to run through him which also caused him to completely awaken his senses.
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