Chapter 1722: “Continuing to Live (2)”

    Chapter 1722: "Continuing to Live (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bucket of cold water that was thrown straight down upon his head, sending chills to run through him which also caused him to completely awaken to his senses.

    That's right, if he had died, who besides his little sister would grief for him?

    Wasn't the one he cared about the most, this very little sister of his?

    With his death, it would only mean that he would have pushed his own little sister over into the abyss.....

    Yue Yi's heart that had been seeking to die all this time was suddenly awoken by the cold bucket of water Jun Wu had splashed over him, forcing him to have no choice but to think deeper about it.

    "I apologise. I have been too thick." Yue Yi apologized sincerely. He should not allow societal norms dictate how he lived his own life, and put his own little sister into danger.

    "There is no need for you to apologize to me. I'm helping you because we are allies, and I need to use your hand to bring ruin upon the Shadow Moon Palace. You want to save your sister, and I seek the destruction of the Shadow Moon Palace. That's all it is." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    Yue Yi was however still looking at Jun Wu gratefully. No one had ever said words like this to him before. He might be thick in the head, but he was clear in thought. He knew that there was no need for Jun Wu to say all these to him, as as long as he was still alive, he would have helped Jun Wu all the same, but Jun Wu had still chosen to say those words to him.

    That kindness, was well concealed under Jun Wu's cold indifferent personality, but it made Yue Yi feel unbelievably warm inside.

    At that moment, Yue Yi was filled with curiosity towards Jun Wu. He could not understand why Zi Jin would misunderstand the kindness Jun Wu had shown. He did not believe for a moment that Zhuge Yin would let him off for no reason. Zi Jin had said it herself. It was with Jun Wu's arrival that caused Zhuge Yin to show an obvious shift in his attitude, and although Yue Yi did not know what Jun Wu had actually said, but he was absolutely certain that his life had been saved by Jun Wu!

    "Two days at most, and you will be able to come down from the bed to walk. Do not exert any spirit power for now." Jun Wu Xie then turned the subject back, her face not showing much of an expression from beginning to end.

    Jun Wu Yao just stood silently at the side, to look at the bashful way his little one was showing kindness, finding it rather interesting to watch.

    Jun Wu Xie's way of doing things was highly different from others. Her kindness if bestowed upon people who were not intelligent would often end up being misunderstood and even if she helped people, her face always still showed that same "go by the book" expression. It was not known whether it was because she wasn't able to express herself, or she was being too shy to accept people's gratitude.

    Till this day, everytime Jun Wu Yao observed Jun Wu Xie's way of doing things, he still found it highly interesting.

    His little one, was indeed a lass that was truly one of a kind in the world.

    Motivated to live on, Yue Yi became highly cooperative with Jun Wu's treatment.

    On the other side, Zi Jin went with the thoughts in her mind in a chaotic whirl to the Pure Grace Palace's kitchen to ask for some plain porridge and little side dishes that were easily digestible. She carried them as she made her way towards Yue Yi's room, and along the way, her heart was still a dreadful mess. She did not know why she had said all those words to Yue Yi. Yue Yi was Jun Wu's ally and was not from the Spirit Jade Palace. So she had no right to mouth off when it was Yue Yi's own affairs. But for some unknown reason, those words had just come out from her mouth then.

    Right at that moment, there was a sense of regret in Zi Jin's heart, and subtly conflicted.

    Walking on her way, Zi Jin's mind was filled with thoughts of what happened and did not pay attention to the path. She was walking along absorbed in thoughts when she suddenly knocked into something. In a panic, the tray of porridge and dishes fell with a crash onto the floor.

    "Damn it! Don't you have eyes! ?" A voice roared suddenly.

    The moment Zi Jin heard that voice, her body stiffened immediately. She quickly raised her head to look up and was shocked to discover that she had bumped into no one else but the very same Zhuge Yin who had almost killed Yue Yi yesterday!

    In the next instant, Zi Jin's heart flew up and lodged at the back of her throat.
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