Chapter 1723: “Encountering a Nasty Dog (1)”

    Chapter 1723: "Encountering a Nasty Dog (1)"

    Because of all the turmoil that Jun Wu Xie's words had brought on, Zhuge Yin had been thoroughly frustrated for a whole night and had not been able to sleep well. All the people from the other places he had encountered since he came out from his room this morning had all been whispering and pointing at him, which just caused Zhuge Yin's mood that was already highly jittery to heighten to the verge of an explosive rage. It was only through much struggle where fellow disciples from the same palace had invited him that he agreed to go take a walk in the gardens to improve his mood when in the end, having barely just come to the garden for a short while and he was chatting with the others, he was knocked straight into by someone.

    And a large part of that steaming hot bowl of porridge had even spilled onto his clothes!

    "Are you so keenly seeking for death?" Zhuge Yin said through tightly gritted teeth as he glared at the bumbling Zi Jin.

    Zi Jin was so frightened she was trembling all over, not daring to make a sound. Zhuge Yin's brutality yesterday had left an indelible deep set fear in her.

    "Young Lord, isn't the lass from the Shadow Moon Palace?" A sharp eyed youth immediately spotted the uniform Zi Jin was wearing.

    Zhuge Yin's brows immediately creased together. After what he had experienced yesterday, the words, "Shadow Moon Palace" had already become like a dark cloud that enveloped his heart, and just hearing the mention of those three words irritated him endlessly.

    "From the Shadow Moon Palace?" Zhuge Yin's voice was laced with danger.

    "That's right! She was present yesterday as well. Oh! I remember, when Young Lord you were fighting the match on the arena stage, this lass had seemingly disappeared halfway through. I remember that when that kid from the Shadow Moon Palace arrived, this lass had been standing just beside him! This lass must have slipped out to secretly inform him!"

    Zi Jin became even more nervous.

    When Zhuge Yin heard those words, the fiery rage in his heart immediately roared into a raging blaze. He went forward to grab Zi Jin collar in his hand, lifting the small sized Zi Jin right off the ground.

    "Wretched wench! Tell me! Did you go running off to bring that little scoundrel? Damn it! I had been thinking why that brat would suddenly come running! So it's you, this damned wench that went carrying tales! ?" Everything had been going very well till Jun Wu Xie appeared, which threw Zhuge Yin into such a helpless quandary. If not for the arrival of Jun Wu Xie, Yue Yi would have died at Zhuge Yin's hands, and the disciples from all the other palaces would not hold so much animosity against the Dragon Slayers Palace.

    Zhuge Yin diverted all the rage he felt against Jun Wu Xie onto Zi Jin, the eyes that glared at Zi Jin looking like he wished for nothing more than to be able to swallow her alive.

    Zi Jin bit on her lip as she stared at Zhuge Yin, the terror in her heart gradually spreading, but she detested being treated in such a manner.

    "So what if I had been the one? When the Dragon Slayers Palace bullies people with their might, people are not allowed to even speak of it? A sparring match, was supposed to be carried out within certain boundaries of propriety, but you had seeked to take a person's life! You mind might be filled with malice, but others need not be so dumb as to submit themselves to be killed as per your whims!" Zi Jin said as she glared at Zhuge Yin. Such an ugly display of evil from disciples of the Twelve Palaces, completely nauseated her.

    "Ha! Damned wench has got a sharp tongue?" Zhuge Yin narrowed his eyes as his gaze swiveled to look around. In that huge expansive garden, only the few of them were there, with no sign of anyone else around. Zhuge Yin's eyes then flashed with a glint of venom.

    "You can really prattle on can't you? Men, hold her for me." Zhuge Yin said with a chilling laugh, and the several disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace immediately went forward, to hold Zi Jin in a tight grip.

    Zi Jin did not have strong powers, and was unable to resist against so many people holding her down, unable to move as she was held helplessly before Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin's venomous glint then swept over Zi Jin's body. "This wench has such a smart mouth, I would really like to see what kind of help she would be able to bring in today!"
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