Chapter 1724: “Encountering a Nasty Dog (2)”

    Chapter 1724: "Encountering a Nasty Dog (2)"

    An ominous premonition rose within Zi Jin's heart as she stared in terror at Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin laughed sinisterly and a hand suddenly felt Zi Jin on her slim waist.

    "The wretched wench's body is rather good. A pity the looks on this face of hers puts me off." Zhuge Yin seemed to be trying to torment Zi Jin's mind, his hand slowly roving over Zi Jin's hips.

    Like a viper that was slithering over her body, Zi Jin's entire body felt absolutely disgusted. She fought to try to break free, but was unable to overcome the strength of the youths holding her down, unable to do anything but be subjected to the torment.

    "Aren't you very good at bringing in help? Go bring help now would you? I would really like to see what that brat would say if he comes here. Would it be the same as yesterday, to casually dump you, leaving you to be dealt with as I wish? Haha!" Zhuge Yin said maliciously.

    Zi Jin was in a panic and highly flustered, wishing she could bite Zhuge Yin to death.

    "Zhuge Yin, there's truly nothing you fear." A voice suddenly rang out from behind Zhuge Yin's back.

    Zhuge Yin immediately turned his head around to discover Gu Ying dressed in white clothes who had suddenly appeared in the garden. Gu Ying was leaning languidly against the side of a willow tree, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared calmly unaffected at Zhuge Yin who had been about to turn violent.

    Zhuge Yin's heart jumped up in shock. Although he had intentions of befriending the Blood Fiend Palace, but he just could not seem to get along with Gu Ying alone. The two of them had already broken out in a squabble on their very first day in the Pure Grace Palace and they had developed a deep dislike of each other.

    Although Zhuge Yin did not feel like bothering with Gu Ying, but he could not help thinking about Gu Xin Yan. If he were to let Gu Ying go tell Gu Xin Yan about what he seeked to do today, then wouldn't that.....

    "Let's leave." Zhuge Yin did not want to stir up more problems and he immediately said that to the other Dragon Slayers Palace disciples.

    The disciples quickly released their grip. Zi Jin had used up all her strength and suddenly losing all support, she fell right onto the ground. She stared with red rimmed eyes to see Zhuge Yin and the other Dragon Slayers Palace disciples leaving the place in a hurry, her gaze filled with hatred.

    "Can you stand up?" A gentle voice then rang out from above Zi Jin's head.

    Zi Jin raised up her head to see Gu Ying looking at her smilingly, under the bright sun, the handsome youth standing with the sun's rays behind him, the golden glow forming a beautiful circular halo at his back.

    In an instant, Zi Jin was suddenly mesmerized.

    "I....." Zi Jin stuttered.

    Gu Ying already had his hand extended in front of her.

    Zi Jin blushed, as she pulled on Gu Ying's hand to stand up.

    "Thank you."

    She remembered this youth. He was Gu Ying from the Blood Fiend Palace. On the day of the banquet, he had gotten into a quarrel with Zhuge Yin and it was him that saved her life today.

    Gu Ying smiled as he pulled Zi Jin to her feet. "That Zhuge Yin is quite a bad nut and he has a grudge against the Shadow Moon Palace. It would be better if you do not move around by yourself alone here in the Pure Grace Palace." As he spoke, he looked around before he then continued to say: "Where is the other person from your Shadow Moon Palace? Why do I not see him accompanying you out here?"

    Zi Jin knew that Gu Ying was talking about Jun Wu and her smile became a little forced.

    Gu Ying's eyes glinted briefly with a flash, but his face was still showing the same brilliant and innocent smile.

    "Are you hurt anywhere? Do you need me to accompany you back?"

    Zi Jin's face turned redder and she quickly shook her head.

    "I'm not. I'm fine."

    Gu Ying's smile was rather handsome. To the extent that he was even more handsome than any other youth she had seen before. Having such a radiant youth staring at her smilingly like this, it just caused Zi Jin's heart to thump wildly all over the place helplessly.
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